is he cheating on you

Cheating is a choice, not a mistake! Being cheated on feels awful, no matter who you are. “Why can’t you just be faithful? Any man who has ever been on the receiving end of that question, whether dodging crockery or wiping away his girlfriend’s tears, knows that some women really want an answer. is he cheating on you?

You’re here because you suspect he is cheating on you? Are you losing endless hours of sleep due to the uncertainty as to what is going on in your relationship? Well…there are different root causes behind why men cheat.

Being cheated on is one of the shattering experiences, one that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Your self- esteem is ravaged, and you can’t stop questioning what you did wrong. Men don’t cheat because they’re scumbags. Men usually are tempted to cheat when they no longer feel like winners in their relationship. This isn’t true of all men, but it is for most. So if you are becoming the bundle of nerves, consider these 5 clear- cut warning signs as your cheat sheet.

is he cheating signs on you or you are overthinking

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By picking fights, men are able to divert their partner’s attention to other topics in order to throw them off the scent. When people are under a great deal of stress, they tend to be more irritable, testy, and quarrelsome. If your man is cheating, he’ll look for ways to stir up squabbles, and disagreements with you. He is looking for ways to distract you and prevent you from figuring out what’s really going on behind your back.

2. Cocooned

“Maybe you notice them sitting in their car on the phone and not coming into the house until they hang up, or they step into another room when they answer a call.” According to a survey, 20% of men have a secret email account that their partner doesn’t know about and this email account often used to correspond with an ex or a fling. If he used to want to have you around right when he got off from work, and now he wants to go right to the bedroom for “me” time, it’s a huge red flag.

3. Playing the Blame Game

When someone is cheating, they very often feel guilty and don’t want to face the conflict of confession. But once you get suspicious, they may add another layer on top of it,  by attempting to manipulate you into believing they’re not cheating. To do so they may gaslight you, blame you for the problems in your relationship, or make you out to be the cheater.

4. Overly Nice

Why is he now so inclined to incessantly shower you with compliments? Was he always so flattering and appreciative of every little thing you did? If you notice that your man is being overly complimentary to you, then he very well could be cheating. He could randomly start buying you flowers or taking you out more, if it isn’t something he usually does then it might raise alarm bells.

5. Never Discredit Your Gut Instinct

There’s a certain type of unsettling and disconcerting feeling that the men who’re cheating can end up generating into their partners. It occurs when a person intuitively senses in the pit of stomach that something just isn’t right. Sometimes it happens that you can’t pinpoint what is it that makes you feel that your man is cheating but you have a gut instinct that something is fishy.