How to tell if a guy is just using you?

Do you really want answers about how to handle things or how to tell if a guy is just using you here are some obvious signs for you.When in a relationship it is very normal to think what if your man is just using you.  I mean think of giving your everything to someone just to know you were being used all this time.

No matter how good your relationship is at some point you have to sit and think if your partner truly loves you or is just using you because no one wants to get used especially by someone they love. You must know you deserve so much better and you don’t have to accept anything less than that. Although you cannot judge a person’s intentions for you, there are some signs we can look for if you want to know your partner is using you.

Some signs to look for How to tell if a guy is just using you?

  1. Always needs money: I know couples these days are equal and prefer equal financial contributions in a relationship but sometimes we realize we are the only ones paying for him as well. Not only this, if your partner continuously asks for financial help from you then it is quite obvious he is only using you.
  2. You are the one always compromising: At some point in a relationship if you realize you are the only one giving up things for your partner where he is never ready to compromise anything for you. This proves he has no true feelings for you and is only having fun in this relationship.
  3. Never involves his friends or family: If your partner never introduces you to his friends or family then he might not be very serious about you or this relationship. A man who truly loves you will not hesitate from making you meet his family or friends.
  4. Not ready to commit: So you’ve been seeing this guy and you guys have a great time together and love each other’s company yet he is not ready to commit to you. There can be two reasons for this, either he is not sure about his feelings or he is just using you to have a good time, not a long time. If you’d ask me if he is using you then I’d say yes!
  5. Never opens about himself: We all have dated a guy like this who would never really share his secrets or live with us. I know it is very bothersome! A guy who knows everything about you but never shares his own life with you is here just for fun and yes he is using you.
  6. Talks according to his own time: What is the point of being with someone who’d always talk according to his convenience? A man who always pretends to be busy when you want to talk to him or who finds excuses when you need him is not worth your efforts. Yes, this is a sign that this guy is only using you and is not in love with you.
  7. He is only there for sex: Now just sit and think if you remove all the intimacy and sex from your relationship what is left? If you guys share a great bond and are comfortable with each other in all aspects then there is nothing else you need. However, if your relationship is all about intimacy and lust then this guy is only using you to fulfill his desires.

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How to tell if a guy is just using you?

No matter what the reason is no one deserves to be used by someone else. If however, you’ve been in a situation like this you should know your worth and should yourself walk out of such a relationship.