how to read palms

How to read palms – Palm reader online

Reading palms can take you in the world of curiosity and excitement. One side you can earn popularity in your friend circle and other side you can help somebody puzzled about life.

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In spite of this you can know how to read palms to know your future accurately. With the help of palm reader online you can know that Palmistry is the means which describes this natural language of palm lines and made possible to understand it. Palmistry guide can guide you in right direction. There are some rules which make it easy to learn it.

how to read palms
how to read palms

Palm reading is an art by palm reader online –

Reading palms is an art. A deep study on each line and sign is must to acquire this art. Sometimes we see only main lines to give prediction. We avoid the small lines and signs affecting those main lines. This mistake makes prediction wrong. For correct prediction some points must be followed. our experts can help you in gaining knowledge on how to read palms.

Morning time is the best time for palm readings.

Don’t take too much food or  physical exercise just before

reading palms is avoidable because in this situation small lines may be disappear.

If weather is too hot, avoid hand reading because hot 

atmosphere makes it difficult to see the original colour of palms.

Avoid drinking alcohol before going to palm reader online.

In anger avoid going to the palm reader online.

Reveal the secret of your life through palmistry by palm reader online –

Palmistry is extremely popular among people nowadays. It is one of the most significant ways to know about life. We all know that face, characteristic, method of thinking, colour of skin, fortune and palm lines are unique in each person. Although the whole nature is a miracle but lines on palm are a gift of god to know the destiny you can explore with palm reader online.

this guide on how to read palms is made by hundreds of experts-

With the help of palmistry we can read the destiny. Palm lines are language of nature we have since our birth. God decided everything happening in our life before our birth. Palmistry guide can help you to understand this language. You can feel yourself in a strange world. There is no restriction to be an expert in hand reading. This is as easy as other subject.  You can learn this language and make yourself capable of reading palms.

Lets have a walkthrough with us on how to read palms with your own self.

Hand reading – A reliable method to read the future by palm reader online –

This method is absolutely based on nature, it doesn’t use any mathematical calculation, and thus there is no chance of any error. Palmistry guide can teach you the language of lines and make you capable of reading palms and know the secrets of life. There are palm reading charts to explore the hands and their lines. You’ll be so excited to know that palm lines are unique in different person’s hand. Nature of every person is different. Destiny is different. The life looks like a puzzle. Whole universe is an enigma. Palmistry is a means to reveal the secrets of life. You can peek into anybody’s life through palm reading lines accurately. Not only this, palm lines can indicate about future events too. There are so many examples in the world when palmistry predicted a particular life event just before long time.

Your palm is mirror of life by palm reader online –

Your hand is like a complete book of your life, each and everything about your life is written on your palm through lines. Palm of hand can show you events of your life. You can reshape your destiny through reading palms. Each event is predefined and written in your hand. Hand reading is an art to look into the life. Palm lines indicate our destiny same as starts and planets. You cannot deny the accuracy of palmistry. There are different types of palms on the basis of which we can categorize the person. By hand reading, examining the shape and type of hand we can know the property of a person but this cannot say all about his health, love, love marriage, life style and death. To know his life deeply, we must read the palm lines. We must study palm reading method  thorugh before reading palms.

Characteristics and Hand Reading by palm reader online –

Before reading the language of palm lines, we should learn about hand. We should learn about the fingers, types of skin, nails etc. these things tell so many things about any person. Hand reading or hand examination is an important part of palmistry. We see different types of hand around us which shows different types of characteristics.

Types of hand by palm reader online-

Broadly we see 5 types of hand –

(1) Very short hand, (2) Short hand, (3) Normal hand, (4) Long hand, (5) Very long hand.

During hand reading to find the kind of hand, reverse the hand and see the back side. In this way you know the type of the hand. And you can predict a lot about the person according to the type of the hand.

General prediction with hand by palm reader online –

Very short hand – Persons with very short hand are extremely narrow minded. They are very selfish, cheat and foxy. Back biting is there hobby. Palmistry says that these types of persons are not social.

Short hand – Persons whose hands are short are lazy. They have very high level of imagination. They get ready to do anything for imagination. Palmistry says that due to laziness they always get failed in their planning activation.

Normal hand – Persons with normal hands are practical in their life. They exactly know how to deal with others that’s why they earn respect in their life.

Long hand – these persons are quite useful for society. They are able to reach to the root of any problem they encounters. According to palmistry they are good planner.

Very long hand – as per palmistry very long hand persons are so useful for society. These persons are extremely emotional and live in the world of imagination. They are unable to struggle and face the problems.

There are much more things about hands we find during hand reading. You can reveal so many characteristics of any person with the help of palmistry guide.

Main palm lines by palm reader online –

There are few main lines which are observed during palm reading. Read these lines very carefully for prediction.

Life line – This is very important line on the palm because this line has every information about life. This line gives information about one’s life, health, or disease. Long and deep life line is considered as good life line according to palmistry.

Heart line Heart line can be seen in every hand because this line is directly connected with heart. Heart line shows status of the heart. Importance of this line in palm reading is equivalent to life line and head line. A person having accurate, fine and reddish heart line gets success in his life. You can know whether love of any person is true or not. Heart line gives information about love.

Head line – This palm line is most important in hand after life line and heart line. This line shows the intellectual status of a person. A good and healthy head line provides a person an excellent intelligence, higher thoughts, good luck and concentration.

Line of success or sun line – Another important palm line is sun line, also known as Apollo line. Sun line shows status of talent and fame of a person. Effect of this line is weak if fate line is weak. So during palm reading lines we should be careful about it and read the fate line also. Keep in mind that there may be some people who don’t have this line.

Fate line – One of the most attractive palm lines is fate line. Prediction about wealth, job or business can be done by this line. Other lines can affect this line so other palm lines must also be observed carefully.

Skin colour of palm by palm reader online –

RedRed colour palm shows that person is short tempered and narrow minded.

PinkPeople having pink palm are full of heart and kind person. Their health is good. Their thoughts are higher. They are polite and civilized person.

YellowYellow palm shows illness. Health of a person having yellow palm is not good. His blood is impure. They are narrow minded less intelligent.

Love and Palm reading lines –

Sweetness of life resides in love. Love fulfills the life with fragrance. It is directly connected to your heart. Palmistry has have detailed information about love issues. When will you meet your soul mate? And many more questions are in your mind. Find all the answers about your love issues with palm lines.

Affection line or Marriage line keeps detailed information about your love matter. If you want to know about your partner whether he/she is cheating, do study the affection line carefully. In palm reading chart this is one of the most important lines.

Wealth and Palm lines –

No one can deny the importance of wealth in the life. Without wealth everything is useless. If you are eager to know the circumstances bringing the wealth, money or prosperous – answer resides in your palm lines. Palmistry can also suggest you to make any planet positive to you to get more money. Your palm lines show all the conditions of wealth and money. Sun line, head line and fate line predicts about your prosperous.

Know your health with palm lines –

We all know that health is wealth. Without good health no one can enjoy the life. If your life line is clean and perfect, this shows your good health. Good life line with good supporting heart line ensures a healthy life. In hand reading there are so many signs, type of skin and palm lines which indicate about disease and status of health. Symptoms of disease can also be examined through your nails. Good looking, reddish and shining nails show good health. You can be aware about your illness and take precautions.

How strong is your luck? –

If center of your palm is deeper and mountain of Jupiter and Sun are well developed, this shows the person is lucky and earns money from different sources.

Your luck is not with you, even though having a strong fate line in your hand. This means other palm lines are not supporting to your fate line. According to palmistry after support of those lines your destiny will be changed.

Presence of fate line is uncertain. Sometimes you may see a person having no fate line. This doesn’t mean lack of luck. In this situation he makes his luck through his work. If you are reading palms of somebody, be careful during predicting the luck. Study other lines like Apollo line, Health line and Heart line and other signs too to be sure about luck.

Know your friends and enemies through palm lines –

Vertical lines on lowest section of finger show the friends from different fields. Horizontal lines indicate about enemies. Reading palms is useful to be aware of your enemies. Hand reading makes you able to identify the harmful person. You can identify true friends to make your life easy.

Profit or loss in business –

If mountain of Mercury, Sun and Saturn are well developed and related lines are also strong, this gives good luck and benefits to the person. According to palmistry this type of person is hard worker and earns money with the help of hard work and gets success in his business.

Palm reading guides you to choose the right business to earn profit. Palm reader helps you to do correct job and eliminate the possibilities of failure.

Know about your future

Palmistry has all information about anybody. Past, present and future can be read with the help of palm lines. As every event of life is predefined and marked in palm of hand in the form of lines and different signs, thus palm reader reads these signs and lines and predicts the future to alert you and take a right action.

Read your own palm –

Palmistry is very interesting and easy to learn as well. Ones you start learning language of lines, your curiosity propels you ahead. If you are curious to learn the hand reading, there is no problem at all. You can learn it either with someone who is expert in palm reading or by palmistry guide.

Before reading your own palm and know about yourself. Study the palmistry deeply first. There is no specific method which tells you that “how to read your palm?”. This is same as reading other’s hand. Ones you have studied palmistry deeply, you can read your own palm as well as others. Psychic readings can be performed by palm reader online.Hard work and too much practice are mandatory to be expert. Regular observation and practice increases your knowledge and makes you perfect. We hope our experts have solved your problem on how to read palms If you are not solved yet you can contact any expert online.