how to get his attention back


How to get his attention back

How to get his attention back is a question that hits you frequently when you are into a person and then his every action affects you somehow. The worst part of this love game is that you become restless when you ain’t receive your partner’s attention and time satisfactorily.


There are various reasons behind not getting a good chunk of his attention. You might be pondering determinedly upon How to get his attention back? But before that, you have to analyze what are the reasons for it and where you are lacking from your side.


There might be instances where you are completely occupied and in some, he might be fully engrossed. Lack of conversation might be one of the reasons for the expanding gap between you two. Try to resolve that first and then find an answer to How to get his attention back?

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How to smartly receive his attention back?



If the thought of How to get his attention back annoys you most of the time. Then there are certain keen tricks by which you can successfully receive his attention back. Ignorance can be the best hack in this process.


In order to receive his scrutiny, try the ignore game for a while with your partner and you will discover that after a certain time, he will start making his way towards you because he will not be able to tolerate your ignorance. Ignorance will trouble him and he will desperately try figuring it out.


Not texting frequently is also a good way to grab his attention because when you will give a miss to his regular texts. Then, he will approach you and will try engaging with you more in order to seek an answer to your jagged texting.


Give him enough of his space. Love affairs should be intimate most of the time but space is an important factor that will keep the light of your relationship illuminating for a good period of time. Respect the space of your partner and try to impart him his deserved space.


Don’t be eager for attention because that might result in less interest from your partner’s side. Understand his part well, admire him but whenever necessary leave him alone because privacy is the topmost key to seek a healthy relationship. Prioritize him over anything but don’t hinder his space.


Answer to-   question is tough to unravel but don’t be cunning to grab his attention. Be humble and try to analyze where you are getting it wrong? Give him attention and respect he deserves, he will reciprocate it and will treat you with more attention.


Love can be celebrated more finely when you keep the margin of respect and love equally good. Adore your partner but don’t wreck his nerves. A relationship immerses two people, efforts should also be two-sided. Maintain distance and shower love appropriately. This way you can weave a beautiful relationship.