i don’t trust my husband

It even often comes in puddles and does not happen all of sudden. Usually, when it is behavioral and attitude change of your spouse or husband, you start getting suspicious.so you start feeling that your husband is hiding something and deceiving you. So the feelings that you don’t trust your husband arise.

It might also be that you have nothing on your mind. Usually, it is said that a free mind is a home to negative thoughts. So with being free, you start having dubious negative thoughts that your husband is disloyal and you question him of infidelity.

So it comes with little things, like him being late in his office, calling a friend out of nowhere, not giving you enough attention. It might also be seen as hiding things or talks from you. And once the feeling has crept in, it never passes away. It keeps on increasing and increasing until you reach the level of the outburst.

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How do you change the feeling of not trusting your husband?

Hearing the statement from your friends and acquaintances ‘I don’t trust my husband’ often comes with a melancholic face. it comes with sad notions. It comes from the visible dark circled eyes and weeping puffy eyes.

See, it is very important to differentiate whether you never trusted your husband in the first place. Or was it a time that you used to trust your husband but that feeling has now evaporated.

If it is the first case scenario, then it is suggested that you should at least give him the benefit of doubt. It is a very possible situation that you give him a chance and trust him and find that he was very trustable all along.

But if it’s the second case scenario, then you must question yourself that why thee feeling of distrust has arisen. What episode with your husband led you to feel this and were those feeling worthy? ask your self multiple questions. Has the episode of distrust happened again? Again it could be that it has only happened once and you can always give him the benefit of doubt for the same.

But if it is an ongoing activity, then you must take this thing seriously. No relationship can work with you saying that you don’t trust your husband. Then it is time to take responsibility for your feelings and emotions and confront your husband.

However, mostly the persons who break trust will try to make you feel that it is all your fault. They will make you question your credibility of emotions. In that case, it is important that you have enough instances and evidence to back you up. If your feelings, no matter how true, are bases on assumptions and not truly real evidence, it is more than likely that your husband will not pay heed to your feeling s and you will be left to ponder upon them.

To classify and organize your emotions. Understand what is happening and why is it happening. only then you can truly handle the problem in hand.