hair change spell get a psychic help you in hair change spell


Hair is the most important part of human body . A person look is define by his hair, if he has good hair he look stylish and people notice him more.

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Because of hair the person get more admiration about their looks. In the present time, when time is going fast everything is changing, people are doing more experiment with their looks, they want to be notice more by the people so that they have to maintain their style . They do different experiments with their hair to look good, both men and women try to change colour of their  hair to look different and stylish.Our psychic readers provide best psychic reading services for all over the world.Hair change spell helps for your health hair.

There are many hair change spell which are used to get the desire hair colour. But with people face problems of hair loss which is the most concern of the people now days , they are doing lot of things with their hair this cause them of hair fall. There are hair growth spell which help to get a strong and long lasting hair.

The JUNE’S HAIR GROWTH SPELL is used simply to get a long lasting hair. This spell help to get  help to minimize the loss of hair. This spell help you to get a healthy hair. For this spell it need your hair ,pure water ,full moon white candles. Now take lock of hair , in a small bowl of water, concentrate on hair growing , when you are putting hair into the bowl, do this chant:

hair change spell

   “ Long and flowing like river

    Make my hair grow quicker and quicker”

This spell will help you to change hair colour temporarily. For this spell you need a candle of your desired colour and it should burn at least for 5 hrs,  A Mirror is  needed, blanket of the same colour. Now light the candle , place the colour blanket over desired colour change. For total change , cover body with blanket . Then say this again and again:

   “ I once had colour . It would not be same again. I had once colour, change it! Repeat this when you see a flash of that colour. Allow the candle to burn ”.

It needed  a coloured candle , a white candle , a mirror. Now get into calm place in front of mirror Light white candle , now look at the mirror and imagine how you look with change in the colour of the hair. Now light the coloured candle and look at the flame. When you get ready , they move your hand over candle hold hand directly to the flame of coloured candle. Now get your hands on hair , think that your hair is change. This spell should be done on Monday in the waxing moon.

This spell is also used for doing change of hair colour. For that it needed running water , two candles of any colour, self belief. First you need to light the candle, now get a shower with running water. After that close your eyes and think about your hair . Now imagine that you have wash out, then your hair colour changes , open eyes shut off shower. Now light the second candle , if your hair is not changed , check it on the morning.

This is another spell for hair colour, this spell needed 3 orange colour candle or  you can take 3 red candles, a mirror. Now on Friday night when there is a waxing moon take the ingredients and go to a peaceful place. For 15 min, then light three candles and then put in triangle shape . Now get yourself to a peace and centre.  Then take your hand to your hair and close eyes. Then try to visualize the colour to be fading. Now hold your hands above candles and concentrate on the flames. Then allow the colour transform with flames, getting your desired colour of hair. Then take your hands to the flame . After that say this words:

“Fire warm and fire red,

Charm the hair upon my head,

Fire dance and fire shine,

As I will , it now will be,

By the water ,fire, wind and tree.

After that , open eyes and try to look at your reflection.