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Air sign, Gemini love compatibility is related with all characteristics of the mind. This zodiac symbol is lined by Mercury, which is a celestial that symbolize communication, inscription and instructing others. They get enthralled by almost the whole thing in the around and they have a sentiment as if there is not sufficient time to know-how everything works. This makes Gemini an outstanding artists, authors and journalists. Gemini symbol means that occasionally people instinctive under this sign have an emotion that someone close to them is missing, so they are eternally looking for new friends, guide and colleagues. Gemini love horoscope will help the Gemini to look for a perfect soul mate.

Gemini is flexible, interested, fun fond and wants to know-how everything out there, so their companionship is never uninteresting. They have strengths are temperate, friendly, questioning, adjustable, adventurous, a quick learner, while their weakness are anxious, contradictory, irresolute. Gemini compatibility is shown in the following zodiac relation.

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Gemini man in love with Aries (Gemini Love Compatibility)
The combination of Gemini love compatibility with Aries is very passionate and energetic. Aries is the very first zodiac symbol; it is ruled over by the Mars. The theory that goes for Aries is that they want to fight for the world to save it but on the contrary they want to be saved too. The intellect and mightiest sword man who can beat the death. The emotions do not really affect the two until and unless it is a matter of great intense. So the two of you that Gemini compatibility and Aries are independent from that burden. If the problem at your end is getting tensed then it will be better to move away from that place as soon as possible. Disband the anxiety in you and try to keep you anger away by performing physical efforts. The couple will find way to stay somewhat away from stress and depression by making tours to some adventures place together. You two can find a number of ways to spend quality of time together by going for adventurous vacation. But while staying at home your bedroom is all above enough to feel the warmth of each other by making love and intensifying sex. This will gradually bind you both for long.

Gemini man in love Aries woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The relationship holds a solemn problem where the combination is made up of Gemini man an Aries woman.
Gemini woman with Aries man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The Gemini love horoscope among Aries woman with Gemini man is exhilarating one. The Gemini woman needs to get hold on her playful nature so that the problem in the relation be avoided.

Gemini man in love with Taurus (Gemini Love Compatibility)
The relationship between Gemini compatibility and Taurus is regarded as the combination of fiercest fighter if think in opposite way from each other. One is bull and other is Ram. Once the war in between is over the relationship can turn out to be a love tale for the idealistic novels. Gemini and Taurus are two of the most family leaning, responsive and loyal indication. Both of you share the same ethics and way of life and are of the same home making nature. The two are very demonstrative and loving. You want protection and a good family life. The two couple likes art and journalism so conniving the dwelling.
Gemini man in love with Taurus man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
A Gemini woman is with no trouble paying attention by the self-confidence and boundless power of a Taurus man. She will instantaneously collapse for him. But the prolonged existence of this affiliation is not convinced according to astrology. Her cheerful attitude might get strangle by his domineering nature.
Gemini man with Taurus woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
An affiliation connecting a Gemini man and a Taurus woman might resist staying at normal initially. Gemini man Taurus woman compatibility can splash easily.

Gemini man in love with Gemini (Gemini Love Compatibility)
When it comes to Gemini love horoscope it is considered to as 4 people involved in the relationship. It is a kind of a metaphor where the Gemini-Gemini forms a twin like formation in between. Gemini owes one good quality in it that is versatility. Marrying is always an easy task for the signs that are restless in nature and depict equal likely aspects and qualities. Communication is the power of Gemini and it has the command to generate and produce fast and livid ideas. Both of you love to talk, debate and discuss over various topics of your interest. But what you people need to keep mind is that don’t talk about each other over the subject which are disturbing. The important note for the chatters is that as the communication is an important part of the life so do the listening is. Since both of you are of same and equal traits therefore equal likely thing can be observed all around your dwelling from smallest scrap material to big handlers, from entertainment to sports all kind of old and new stuff can be seen at your place. It is a sincere advice for the couple to take some assistance from your friends who symbolizes water and earth. So that the business that you people have started can be taken to the next level by your friends.
Gemini man in love with /woman with Gemini man/woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The combination made up of the twin results in delight and playful excitement which holds good for the future Gemini Compatibility.

aquarius man in loveGemini man in love with Cancer (Gemini Love Compatibility)
Cancer is a poignant Water symbol who likes to be nested and bonded; Gemini is a fidgety Air sign who place intellect over emotion. You have comparable benefit, dissimilar temperaments. In several cases, this is working out some way. You both admire traditions, the more vague the better. You be keen on to find out new posse, read novels by contentious authors, canyon yourselves at the crystal of a restaurant place into an uncovered vicinity. You get attached over TV shows and bargain –chasing for possessions. No louse market, label retailing is safe from your hunting, and your dwelling can look like an out of the ordinary arcade of antiques and contemporary gadgetry. The complicated element is when you fall into astrological boundaries. Cancer is mother of zodiac, who is more than enough for showering on affection, fostering and well-intended concern. Gemini can feel this as adhering and suffocating. Gemini is the zodiac’s vacillating clone, flimflamming in between short period of dependence and affirming autonomy. Moments will be there when Gemini avariciously laps up Cancer’s caring, and others when took up by sarcasm, heart-piercing affront. Cancer must labor hard and not take thing into the mind. Gemini requires space, Cancer requires reassurance
Gemini man with Cancer woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
Gemini man Cancer woman compatibility is a feasible affiliation, only if the Gemini man supplies the Cancer woman the feel affection for and admiration she requires.
Gemini woman with Cancer man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The Cancer man with Gemini woman, compatibility does to be sure stagger over this exceptionally imperative subject. The relation very little in similar and hence they are less compatible.

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Gemini man in love with Leo (Gemini Love Compatibility)
The Gemini love horoscope says that coupling of Leo with Gemini is a kind of love encounter where the two like to enjoy each other’s company sitting and chatting for hours talking about the life from big mountains to smallest pebbles. The two couple is tempting towards making romance but the environment around them may be filled with halfhearted feelings. Leo signifies fire and Gemini to air. Both are equal and opposite of each other. Leo on one hand is the symbol of fire which is independent and dominating on the other part it’s Gemini compatibility which is the symbol of air signifying speed and occupancy. Leo’s natural affection helps Gemini to annoyance its natural distrust. Gemini in the relation is the serving candidate on the other side its Leo the Lion who is ruling the world with its might and strength, these lion can be taken in control by the Gemini if the touched with utmost love and care can turn the lion to pay you back in the say manner. So for the Gemini it is suggested to go according to the desires of their partner else you will lose your worth. Make love in the manner in which your partner long for.
Gemini woman with Leo man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The astrologer says that Gemini woman and Leo man forms a good compatible future relationship.
Gemini man with Leo woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
This combination holds good to be compatible with high determined coupling in the zodiac.

Gemini man in love with Virgo (Gemini Love Compatibility)
Gemini man in love with Virgo are collectively ruled by speedy Mercury, who revolves about the Sun assembly light and information, then broadcast it to the lots. Gemini compatibility with Virgo is coupled with a lot of similar opinions and ideas. Romance is in air for the two mates, the foreplay in between the two is carried away by exciting debate, where one asking the other about the raising thoughts and ideas to put to action before actually started making love. Earth and Air stays in with mutual cooperation. The couple is highly adaptive and flexible in nature, and has acclimatized to the idiosyncrasy of each other. Virgo is an obedient partner to his/her mate and so the Gemini is. On one hand Gemini is reluctant to accept this fact while Virgo takes this as a pride. Virgo and Gemini are both responsible intellectual personalities. These two can grew in to the most responsible and great parents, who can put in a lot of good efforts in the upbringing of their children. Both are intelligent enough to divide the work and responsibilities among themselves and hence prove to be the perfect mate for each other.
Gemini compatibility man with Virgo woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
Gemini and Virgo have some common characteristics, and in cooperation symbols are unsettled, giving both of these buddies a stretchy, malleable approach to life
Gemini woman with Virgo man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
Gemini woman and Virgo man have some common characteristics, and in cooperation symbols are unsettled, giving both of these buddies a stretchy, malleable approach to life.

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Gemini compatibility with Libra (Gemini Love Compatibility)
Gemini man in love with Libra make a magical combination where they are coupled gilded wings and silver tongues. Gemini compatibility is found with Libra as well. Libra is pretty fairy and Gemini is naughty spirit. The combination of the two is like pixie and gnomes. You two are a big chatter boxes who love talking with each other like those of monkeys on the tree. You both are unable to make up your mind to superficial romance and commitment towards giving each other what each wants. The illusionary value of your liaison is a delight that you both take pleasure in. It’s when life turns out to be too authentic that you disappear in a touch of enthralled dust. To make this last, you’ll require dipping your toes into the muddy mess of closeness, then gain knowledge of how to dip in and swim. Wealth can become a subject of concern between you, predominantly in the means of spending it. Gemini compatibility is lined by rational Mercury. Libra is administered by loveliness and delights of Venus, and spatter out on art, dressmaking, custom suits, and health spas. You both have unlike approaches to romance. Libra loves a long before marriage romance. Gemini is an intelligent being who love keeping things at its pace. Libra must avoid going for spendthrift as it will ruin the relationship between the two.
Gemini woman with Libra man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The relation in between the two Gemini woman and Libra man is like a tornado; hence it has less chances of compatibility.
Gemini man in love with Libra woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The two of the people where one is Gemini man and the other is Libra man are like friends and have faith in between and there are likely chances to be compatible.

Gemini man in love with Scorpio (Gemini Love Compatibility)
The combination of Gemini and Scorpio is a complete different format in which it will either put you people off or it can mesmerize you both. Gemini love horoscope says that two of you have an excellent insight in reading people but when it comes to reading each other; your power fails in assimilating information about each other. Gemini on one side is full of enthusiasm and understandings while Scorpio is wrapped in mystery and with ample amount of complexities. The two are not really compatible to each other, on one side it is Gemini compatibility who rules and command the show and on the other hand it is Scorpio who is the works behind the stage. At time the two enjoy at your bed but the problem that you face is you people won’t satisfy each other requirement in love making and so ending up in a put off mood. There are various frustrating moments where you cut off from each other from hours to days and at times even weeks. But you people try and unite your strength the relation then can take you together a long way.
Gemini man with Scorpio woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The relation between the Gemini man and Scorpio man is unbalanced and changeable and hence less chances of compatibility.
Gemini woman with Scorpio man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The relationship is pretty unpredictable and impulsive.

Gemini compatibility with Sagittarius (Gemini Love Compatibility)
The combination of these two is made up of opposite signs but these people have some common qualities too. Gemini regulates over the lower mind: common intellect, way of thinking, facts, hard statistics and mental power. Sagittarius rules over the higher mind: insight, attitude, awareness, principles and metaphysics. Both of you are adventure seekers and are prone towards gaining experience and knowledge. Gemini on one end is curious personality while Sagittarius is of roving nature, being bored up is no where a choice among you as you people are constantly engaged in making project work to complete. Gemini love horoscope says managing time and task is the biggest obstacle but for all those who love each other isn’t a big problem for them. These people are in a habit of making their own rules and regulation about love, the two of you are very clever and take out time to enjoy over each other. You guys dream big and have the quality to even achieve them in due course.
Gemini woman with Sagittarius man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
Gemini woman with Sagittarius man are good love compatibility, as they are of opposite symbols which attract each other.
Gemini man in love compatibility Sagittarius woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The opposite signs are very compatible and hence prove to be future partners.

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Gemini man in love with Capricorn (Gemini Love Compatibility)
This combination is pretty like mixing the two old and new together, for example old classic music with something like latest lyrics and instruments. Now this strange and different combination can too be super flop or can rock the floor. In this relationship it is Gemini who is commanded by the powerful Mercury and Capricorn is governed by Saturn. Gemini is flexible and fidgety, like an electric switch case with a number of crossed wires connection. Capricorn is the obedient ox who took the burden on and cultivates the meadows; hardly ever move away from routine work. While Capricorn’s gritty and family faithfulness can aggravate Gemini. Both of you have a vigorous, tentative side; the enchantment really emerges out when you get a hold of the physical touch from your mate, which is a fast process as you both are sexually attracted towards each other.
Gemini man with Capricorn woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
These two are not good natural equal. They tend to oppose each other.
Gemini woman with Capricorn man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
These two are not good natural equal. They tend to oppose each other.

Gemini man in love with Aquarius (Gemini Love Compatibility)
The Gemini compatibility and Aquarius combination is much like that of school romance, where the friends go for movies, dating, teasing each other and texting the missing one from the vicinity. Gemini who is commanded by the powerful Mercury, While Aquarius is a dreamer, an out of the box thinker, fun loving kind. Now how can this work out then? The two of you are very jolly buddies and love spending time with each other. But one day this freedom will end up and you people will be caught up the relation, where intimacy becomes a big question for you guy. Well, to be honest, most of the time intimacy doesn’t really exist. This is a connection which is rare. As Aquarius don’t like a lot of affection, and Gemini cannot survive without it. Being of protective and possessive nature, Gemini often rules the free Aquarius and this obliterate this relationship. The only way to work this one out is with patience and understanding. You need to give this relationship a lot of time to work.
Gemini woman with Aquarius man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The two individuals are intellectual enough to sustain a good compatible relationship.
Gemini man with Aquarius woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
Gemini man with Aquarius woman compatibility can prosper where both cohorts are strapping sufficient to disregard the displeasure of others.

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Gemini man in love PISCES (February 19 – March 20) (Gemini Love Compatibility)
The twin relationship is very rare to find, where Gemini is symbolized by twins and Pisces by the dual fishes. Pisces, you actually can be as deprived, expressively fatiguing and calculating according to Gemini. Gemini, you are certainly competent of being able to stay elusive, oppressor with a heart like polished granite. You must bargain your differentiation with crystal clear honesty, despite the fact that. Pisces is a touching Water sign; on the other hand Gemini is a rational Air sign, but for you poise the proportions, Gemini sinks in Pisces’ power and the result is Gemini feel suffocated and desire for oxygen. Gemini must put endeavor to attach emotionally, and Pisces will require to make less burdensome. Stay happy you must keep up with your words. If your partner is giving you what you desired for then you should thank him/her for the sincere efforts made by him/her for the sake of your happiness
Gemini man with Pisces woman compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
Gemini compatibility man with Pisces woman will find it to be tough task to stay together. The thing which is good in between them is that they are mutual partners.
Gemini woman with Pisces man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
This relation is quite imaginative and mysterious; the compatibility is elusive for these couple.