Gemini man Aquarius woman compatibility Gemini man in love

The Gemini man Aquarius woman compatibility combination is much like that of school romance, where the friends go for movies, dating, teasing each other and texting the missing one from the vicinity. Gemini who is commanded by the powerful Mercury, While Aquarius is a dreamer, and out of the box thinker, fun-loving kind. Now how can this work out then? The two of you are very jolly buddies and love spending time with each other.

Gemini man Aquarius woman compatibility Gemini man in love

gemini man aquarius woman compatibility


But one day this freedom will end up and you people will be caught up the relation, where intimacy becomes a big question for you guy. Well, to be honest, most of the time intimacy doesn’t really exist.


This is a connection that is rare. Aquarius doesn’t like a lot of affection, and Gemini cannot survive without it. Being of protective and possessive nature, Gemini often rules the free Aquarius and this obliterates this relationship. The only way to work this one out is with patience and understanding. You need to give this relationship a lot of time to work.

love compatibility of gemini man and aquarius woman
Gemini woman with Aquarius man compatibility (Gemini Love Horoscope)
The two individuals are intelligent enough to sustain a good compatible relationship.
Gemini man with Aquarius woman compatibility can prosper where both cohorts are strapping sufficient to disregard the displeasure of others.

whatever your passion is you both are going to drive it for each other you both are going to make it best times of your lives when you both are together with each other you will see each other growing and helping each other bring the best times that you both have been wondering to create in each other’s life you will make each other feel like at home where you will never want to leave from you both will make each other perfect.