Gay love spell get a psychic help you in gay love spell


One person is attract to different gender. A Men attract to a women , by her looks and sex. Women also attract to Men. They both attract to each other.

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They fall in love with each other and share their feelings with one another. But some of the Men attract to a Men, they have special feelings for Male. Some of them realize at some point of their age when they do not feel any attraction for females and they attract toward men. They feel their love for the same gender. In the past, Gay people do not open their feeling in front of the world, they have a fear of society what they will think about him. But in the present time gay people come in front of the society and they don’t feel fear of anything, they express their love for their partner.Our psychic readers provide best psychic reading services for all over the world.

There are gay spells which are used to get the love of same sex, for the attraction of man. Gay love spells are easy than the other spells. On the other hand if it is done with positive attitude with sex of same gender. But if a person is heterosexual and some one is trying a love spell on him, it result in rejection and fear. There are many technique to cast on same sex spell and every technique require knowledge and skills . Now image the object and feel the trance as it has influence on you. Then say “ you are gay, you are gay’ or “your love________.” Then repeat this process at least for two weeks , in the evening. If the person is homosexual , love spell of gay can be done. And gay spell and regular spells of love are very much same.

gay love spell

The Xochipilli is one of most important and popular gay love spell. He is God of Aztec God with the help of Aztec, it is easy to do gay love spell . There are also many Gods patronizing homosexually also. For this spell you need two photos one of you and other of the person you want a love spell on him. Now put the photos face to face , now take red candle and drops on wax around them and say this:

“ I can call you Xochipilli, help me. Turn name of your love to me enslave feelings and soul. ,make him my dream of only and only my love and heart of mine in love fire.. You get it with power of passion , love me for long time.” Do this spell for 3 times put your photos before bed sheet and leave there for 3 days.

This is also another gay love spell . If you want the person of same sex , this will help you to get your lover . For this spell you need a hair of your lover. You cannot cast this spell without hair strand. Now take a small bowl and filled it with rose water . After two days take few strands of your hair and put it in bowl. Then say this words name of the person you want and your name. Do this every day of one week. On the 8 day  cover the bowl with mud the hair strand buried in bowl . Then write this with red ink of your lover name and your name and keep bowl in the room. With this spell the person will attract to you and come in your life.

This is one of the gay love spell , candle is used for the gay love spell. Now get the candles in the desire of the kind of the person , if you are doing it for searching of the person burn the candle male shaped.

There is also a magic oil for gay love spell. It is Q oil, Q is known for Queer oil to anoint your candle foe love spell or you can apply a couple of drops on your wrists before going on a date . It designed especially for gay bisexual love . For men who are gay , you take interest in two potent oils for attraction.

This are some gay love spell which help you to get your love in your life and also provide you to get closer to that person.