EROS spell get a psychic help you in EROS spell in your life.


Eros is the Greek God of love, is used for the lust . The word attraction is said be a kind of feeling  of  the person you love. Attraction can be of many types it can be a desire , a feeling of love , lust and many more. You can attract for a person when you see them for first time, you want that person in your life .

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You want that person to be your soulmate. You will do anything to get that person . The desire for that person when you sleep or wake up you just feel that person. How much you busy on the day you will remember that person , your life is becoming happy when you think of that person .Our psychic readers provide best psychic reading services for all over the world.

EROS spell get a psychic help you in EROS spell in your life.

Eros spells are the spells which will help to get you the person you want in your life . This is one of the Eros spell . For this spell  you need a paper and lipstick . Now you have to put your emotions . Write in the paper all the qualities and desires you want in that person. Then write I call Eros to take traits and find my love as you wrote.

eros spell

This is also another spell . Now think of your partner and your partner laughing and holding hands. In the night imagine him in bed sleeping himself and from the other smiling. Think that he is now get alone in desert. He sit in ground, then say your name . Desert get into a lovely place. Think that he is getting towards you, he kisses you, if that person get it to desire , you have huge crush on him. Then chant this words with flowers in your hand :

“ Earth fire air water ,make him love me forever , desire night and I am far or close . Blessed me ,make him love me and think of me every time , he should only dream of me . When he asleep think of just only me . Give him the desire of me.”

This is also spell which help to attract the person sexually. If love sex spell is cast think it with true feelings and it will help you to provide a long  lasting  relationship. For this spell you need , take a glass of water and salt. Then leave the glass near bed for the night . On awakening don’t take your feet on the floor and throw a pinch of salt into glass and say this:

“ I wake up in morning leave my place and take not road but narrow path . I wake up to dark to dark ravine which is far. There is powerful spirit in ravine . Wake up , hurry to spirit . Make passion in him , make him he want me. When he sees , he want only me. He will not able to get away from my body . Let spirit like water dissolves salt, strong my word is. When finish this spell , spit  3 times on your  shoulder , then take 3 sips of water from glass and moisten cloths.

This is another spell which is used to attract a person you have desire for. They will feel your energy and will attract towards you. It will strength your energies. For this spell you need a piece of paper , a red pen . Draw a circle in the night . On the piece of paper draw a heart with red ink  and inside of it , write name of specific person whose love you want when you are doing this , imagine of a beam of pink energy flowing from your heart in paper. Put your love for that person in this energy and imagine them bathed in gentle beam of light. Then kiss the name which is written on the paper 3 times. After that put paper in fire  and it is consumed by flames and repeat this three times.

“My heart shining and ablaze

This love I send to thee

If you Find place in your heart love me

By greatest God, mote it be.”

Then close your circle and spell is completed.