Deep conversation topics to have with your man

In every relationship, there are some topics that every couple discuss! It could be private or very private, Deep conversation topics to have with your man are necessary nowadays, as it generates trust and gradually builds a huge milestone which you will surely notice someday.

As a girl, you need to TURN OFF your brain and you should think like a LADY to make your man TURN ON for the deep conversation with him. It can be on any topic but it should be very real and not be meant as a joke.


deep conversation topic infographicsDeep conversation topics to have with your man


Topics on which you can have a deep conversation with your man-


LOVELY DUBBY TALKS– Be active and Bold enough to have such talks with your man and start playing with him as much as you can. You share a bond and you just need to relive it and always be in the moment, live your life, Be cozy, Have some romantic vibe and just be in it. Talk about your immense love and gratitude towards him, make him special by your words and show some love.

TALK ABOUT FUTURE- It’s not always to have a deep conversation with your man you need to talk about your sexual life, you may also discuss your future together, you can plan your future together Because it’s your thing and you are the only one who is responsible for the same. Topics can be: Plan a child, Insurance, Life security plans, etc.

TALK ABOUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE BEFORE YOU ENTERED– There’s always something your man wants to share with you but he won’t get enough time to talk about, So ask him about his childhood memories, His first BFF, First love, First Crush, etc. These topics could be sensitive to him, so handle his feelings with care, these topics can build your conversation and you could have a deep dive into it. It helps you to understand your partner well.

TALK ABOUT HIS MEMORABLE MOMENT WITH YOU– Try to relive the moment which he likes the most with you, it could be the best sex or just a cuddle or a kiss, First time you met or a funny incident, it could be anything and you can have a deep conversation with your man on that particular topic, So my lady be READY for that deep conversation.

TALK ABOUT HIS CAREER– You may start a conversation by asking him about his career, questions would be- How you thought to go for this particular career?, Who motivated you for the same? , Does this mean your whole life? Are you happy with this job? Etc. This can build your communication better, and you get to know more about his choices.

Deep conversation topics with your man, Makes him full of charge and he will start giving you attention than before, this will create a good bond between the couple and will help them to have a beautiful romantic turn into their life.


  • He wants to be friends but likes me

Have you had a guy who was your best friend since childhood but when it’s your teenage or after teenage the level of compatibility rises and you feel like there’s something more than friendship from his side than this could be a sign that he might like you, but wants to be friends.

So girls, if you’re stuck with the same issue of where he wants to be friends but likes me then there are some signs which indicate the same.