capricorn man in love

Capricorn man in love – How to attract a Capricorn man

Capricorn man in love compatibility with Aries (Capricorn Love compatibility)

Here are two of the most dominant signs of the zodiac. Aries is the leader in relationships in most cases. But so is Capricorn and since it is ruled by Saturn the sensible planet of stability, power and leadership. So Aries becomes a little passive and follows the leader that is Capricorn. Capricorn is a mature zodiac sign like a king while Aries is like a little child, a prince perhaps. Both are very honorable but one is clearly the leader. This has a drawback as free bird Aries may think Capricorn behaving as guardian and will look for space and freedom. But in most cases it is not a problem, as Capricorn is too mature for the childish problems caused by Aries. Capricorn often finds these tantrums to be cute and lets them play out. With both of you understanding your positions and act accordingly, this can be a relation for life. When acting as a team you can conquer almost anything life throws at you. The courage of Aries and experience and determination of Capricorn, you are great team. Over the period of time, as this relationship grows, you too could become great life partners.

capricorn man in love


Capricorn man in love with Taurus (Capricorn Love compatibility)

These are two equivalent earth signs who certainly combine great together. Both being great hard-workers, who worship their responsibilities. Taurus being the aggressive worker and Capricorn being as stable and clear headed as one can be. Both signs are very traditional and with family oriented mindset. With Capricorn being more sophisticated and organized than the raging Taurus. You both share the habit of planning for financial matters. While Taurus is very pleased by self-praising, Capricorn is more of a self-criticizing. With a little consideration of each other’s taste and thinking, you can surely get through the bumps of this relationship. You can learn a lot from each other and improve your personalities. With expressing you love to each other, you can get through the hurdles and come out in flying colors.

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CCapricorn man in love with Gemini (Capricorn Love compatibility)

Now these two signs are like the far ends of a room. Everything between you is different. One is left and other one is right. But still with a constructive mindset, you can gain a lot from each other. Gemini he is a careless, fast paced car, who smashes into the cautious and traditionalist Capricorn. The spark of attraction comes from within and things move ahead. On the inside, Capricorn becomes a little bored from his disciplined lifestyle and organized ways. The Gemini gives him the breath of fresh air and carelessness that he craves. The preaching and care of Capricorn amused the Gemini too. With a natural sexual attraction between Saturn and Mercury, you too come close pretty quickly. With this increasing closeness, some insecurities also rise. Capricorn being so popular among his circle, gives air to the jealousy factor. You need to understand that both are very loyal natively and need to trust each other. Becoming the other person’s missing link is the key to becoming truly inseparable couple. You two can become two sides of the river, flowing together and completing each other.

Capricorn man in love with Cancer (Capricorn Love compatibility)

Having a lot of different qualities, Cancer and Capricorn compatibility are pretty contrasting. Cancer is the gentle mother and Capricorn is the imposing father. This can be a great match if you start make up for each other and complete the other’s inadequacies. It can also be a catastrophe as the rigid nature of Capricorn can make affection and warmth of Cancer diminish. If you want to work this one out, it is imperative that you both start learning to read each other’s mood and thoughts. Since you both are very faithful and family oriented, you can complete each other and compliment the restrictions to make this a sturdy bond. You must learn the read other’s heart to prosper as a couple.capricorn man in love

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Capricorn man in love with Leo (Capricorn Love compatibility)

We have two very different signs in Leo and Capricorn. Which starts with a strong attraction, ends up in a bitter relationship, full of misunderstandings and issues. Leo is a confident sign, full of power and authority driven by the Sun. Capricorn is driven by Saturn and is not that self-confident but dominant. Capricorn is very traditional and never goes outside the line. Leo is very demanding and always want to do what they want. With these different approaches in life, you both will clash a lot. With native competitiveness, there is also a seed of jealousy between the two. To cut the long story short, this one is very difficult to handle. The difference in perspective will end up getting you too bitter and wanting to leave this mess. A lot of consideration need to be done, and Leo should dial down a lot to stop this from becoming the war of the worlds.

Capricorn man in love with Virgo (Capricorn Love compatibility)

These are two practical earth signs who make a flawless equilibrium between sensible and sensual. Both of you often bring out the best in each other. Virgo is very talkative, driven by Mercury. Patient Capricorn is governed by Saturn, and scuffles to say his opinions. Virgo makes Capricorn come out of his deep thoughts and open up a little. With natively caring and relationship oriented, you both are very close to your families. This can quickly turn into marriage and is going to be great as you both are very complementary for each other. With a lot of arguments and disagreements, the love and maturity will prevail and all will settle down.

Capricorn man in love with Libra (Capricorn Love compatibility)

Capricorn compatibility is the worker sign, continually looking for a companion in need of economic support. Libra is an unproductive amateur who’s happy to follow the leader and benefactor. You have your conflicting dissimilarities, yet you make a great match. In a lot of ways, you have got what the others crave. Libra is quite the social one here, and Capricorn can become a little caught up in his workaholic nature. Libra is careless and Capricorn is thoughtful. Even though Capricorn is very patient but the difference in values may be a lot to overcome. There has to be a lot of compromises from both parts. Capricorn is not very expressive but is very loyal, Libra should understand that and learn to feel the love. Capricorn should start expressing a little. These small steps will create a balance in Capricorn Compatibility and things will get amazing over time.

Capricorn man in love with Scorpio (Capricorn Love compatibility)

These are two very dominating signs. Both being high on egos and always wanting to lead the pack. The attraction is obvious as you two will impress each other in a heartbeat. But this impression will quickly become competition. The good thing is that there will be immense passion between you two. Every meeting will end up being steamy. With that much closeness, you need to let go off the secrecy and be transparent to each other. Be direct with each other and don’t hold back thoughts. If the communication gap is bridged then this will be a smooth ride.

Capricorn man in love with Sagittarius (Capricorn Love compatibility)

Sagittarius is imaginative and dreamy romantic. Capricorn is stable, practical and realistic. If you want to work this one out, you need to join each other’s strengths. You can shield the other’s inadequacies by making up for them. This relationship can be very complicated as your lifestyles are very different. You both will be amazed by the other, it is going to be a new landscape for you. On the flip side this can open a new door of life for you. You can get the best of both worlds by creating a balance. Having faith in each other and letting yourself learn new things can really make this a great relationship. Capricorn compatibility should ease a little and cut loose for a while. Sagittarius should learn that a little discipline is quite good too.

Capricorn man in love with Capricorn (Capricorn Love compatibility)

These are two competitors in race together, both wanting to get ahead in life. Both of you should think that if you team up, you can win this very easily. With the same mindset, you both will impress each other at the first meeting. With intellectual talks and common interests, things move further. With the discussions of long term plans, you may want to be in each other’s life. The workaholic nature may get in the way of a good sexual life. But the mindset that you both have, will make up for it later. With loyalty and family oriented values, this has all the ingredients for a successful marriage. Only unless you don’t let it become one dimensional and keep experimenting.

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Capricorn man in love with Aquarius (Capricorn Love compatibility)

This is surely a distant match. Capricorn compatibility is one who makes the rules and follow them wholeheartedly, and Aquarius is the careless rule breaker, who does what he wants when he wants. Capricorn like to have morale and values, while Aquarius is the innovator who doesn’t put that much thought in it. But with all this, you can learn a lot from each other. Capricorn can teach Aquarius values and discipline. While Aquarius can help Capricorn be more innovative and unique. With a native controlling nature, you can get into a tug of war. With your different perspective on romance things may get a little crazy in the bedroom. With the overfriendly nature of Aquarius, the choosy Capricorn compatibility may get annoyed. The contrast can help as Aquarius can make Capricorn’s dull life colorful, and the disciplined Capricorn can stabilize the freak show of Aquarius.

Capricorn man in love with Pisces (Capricorn Love compatibility)

Well at the start you may look like a mismatch, like a queen with a clown. But you two really make a great match in reality. Capricorn Compatibility driven by Saturn is very proper and polite and well-ordered. Pisces is an artistic mind, like wind sailing through the grass. Capricorn may look like all organized and disciplined outside, but on the inside, Capricorn is controlling and demanding. Which works out well as Pisces tend to be more of an obedient kind. This can be a real pleasure in the bedroom for both. With a shared taste for art and music, this can make some great quality time. Keep conveying your love to each other as true love always makes other complications disappear. If you both get over the illusion of the external personality, then you can really become great partners, may be for life.

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Capricorn Love horoscope

Capricorn man in love with cancer woman (Capricorn Love horoscope)

Capricorn man’s practicality and intelligence will reflect in sensitive and learning Cancer woman. There will be some insecurity issues, which need not to be ignored.

Capricorn woman with cancer man (Capricorn Love horoscope)

You can get into a miscommunication slump if the mood swings of Cancer man get the best of you. The native stability of Capricorn woman will help here.

Capricorn man in love with Leo woman (Capricorn Love horoscope)

The Leo woman needs to get a hold on her governing nature. The ego clash here can cause problems.

Capricorn woman with Leo man (Capricorn Love horoscope)

The organized life of Capricorn woman will feel disrupted by careless Leo man. A lot of productive discussions are necessary.

Capricorn man with Virgo woman (Capricorn Love horoscope)

This is always a bonus to get an intelligent and family oriented Capricorn man. The love and care from Virgo woman will make the Capricorn man feel special.

Capricorn woman with Virgo man (Capricorn Love horoscope)

The balance you have maintained among yourself is amazing, keep the sark ignited and it will be a smooth sail.

Capricorn man in love with Libra woman (Capricorn Love horoscope)

With a little learning from the Capricorn man, Libra woman can become a little more organized and things will be better for the two of you. A little consideration from Capricorn man will help a lot.

Capricorn woman with Libra man (Capricorn Love horoscope)

Things can get frustrating with the careless attitude of Libra man. There will be financial issues and a lot of patience and trust is required.

Capricorn man in love with Scorpio woman (Capricorn Love horoscope)

A little misunderstanding can easily become a clash for the egos. Miscommunication will elevate issues further. You both should relax and follow your instincts.

Capricorn woman with Scorpio man (Capricorn Love horoscope)

Scorpion man will be dominating here, so Capricorn woman should adjust accordingly. With her intellect, she can mold Scorpio man without him even knowing it

Capricorn man in love with Sagittarius woman (Capricorn Love horoscope)

Capricorn man has to understand the imaginative nature of Sagittarius woman. Things will loosen up once the dust of misunderstandings settle down.

Capricorn woman with Sagittarius man (Capricorn Love horoscope)

The Capricorn woman here needs to bring the highly creative Sagittarius man, back to reality. There will be some financial problems also.

Capricorn man in love with Capricorn woman (Capricorn Love horoscope)

Things will continue going well with the balance that you both have created. Keep exploring new things.

Capricorn man in love with Aquarius woman (Capricorn Love horoscope)

The hyperactive nature of Aquarius woman will become irritating for Capricorn man. She should dial down a bit.

Capricorn woman with Aquarius man (Capricorn Love horoscope)

The Capricorn woman should keep complementing the Aquarius man. Be each other’s strength.

Capricorn man in love with Pisces woman (Capricorn Love horoscope)

The infamous problem of miscommunication will haunt you if both of you remain rigid. Be a little flexible and feel the joy of giving.

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Capricorn woman with Pisces man (Capricorn Love horoscope)

With his mischievous ways, Pisces man will irritate the organized Capricorn compatibility woman. Don’t be harsh on him, and teach him with love. Capricorn man with Taurus woman The dominance of Taurus will prevail and will bring a little chaos in the organized life of Capricorn man. Capricorn woman with Taurus man The aggressive nature of Taurus man will become a little settled down, in the company of the intelligence of Capricorn compatibility woman. Socialize a little more and you will feel happier. Capricorn man with Gemini woman With so much difference between you to, the love bond needs to get strengthened to overcome the recurring problems. Capricorn compatibility man should get a break from the hectic lifestyle and enjoy the company of his love. Capricorn woman with Gemini man The equilibrium created with pure love between you too, will carry on. The Capricorn woman should not take the Gemini man for granted and keep expressing her love to him more frequently.