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cancer man in love – How to attract a cancer man

Cancer man in love with Cancer (Cancer Love Compatibility)
As it is often said that opposites attract, but in this case similar attract as well. People with cancer sign are great homemakers. Both of you will have the same thinking about getting together and setting up a family. As both are of water sign so you can really blend in so to speak. As you both are very sensitive and caring, the feeling of safety and security will be mutual. With a common love for art and literature, you are sure to spend hours in libraries and watching movies. With both being romantic of nature, you will surely stack up a lot of fond memories to cherish. You both will have the same idea of starting a family or getting married.

A problem with Cancer to Cancer couples is they are not good initiators. You can have a trouble of who is going to propose first as you both will be scared of rejection. All you have to do is follow your heart and express your feelings. With all the same traits your relationship may get a little one dimensional. For that, you need to push out a little and get a little adventurous. As you both will make great travel mates, so plan some trips and explore the world and your relationship too. Moon changes have a strong impact on cancer, so there will be times when your mood swings get the best of you. This fluctuation of mood will clash and will give you some tough time. It means quarrels, screaming to each other a lot of sulking. Don’t start taking all the things personally or the problems and insecurities will rise.cancer man in love

Cancer man in love with Leo (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Well, let’s see what we have here! Have you ever heard of fire on water? Well, this is just the case. This relationship can cause enough drama to make even a soap opera look like harmony. As Cancer is driven by mood and Leo is high on ego, they are destined to clash. Both of your signs are dominating in their own unique way. Cancer has traits like insecurity and possessiveness while Leo looks for excitement in life. The excessive sensitivity of Cancer may thwart Leo’s extreme lifestyle. The water of Cancer compatibility may put off the fire in Leo, so to speak. Leo often has the problem of making everything about them, which makes them extremely hard to handle. Leo is driven by the sun and Cancer by the moon, which makes them again opposite. A lot like two sides of a river. With the short tempered nature in the mix, this is one tough relationship to be in.

Now how do we work this one out then? Well, there are some commonalities too. For starters, you both really admire passion and romance. You both are emotionally charged as both of you are driven from your heart and not your brain. Loyalty is also a common trait for both of you, so even with all the turmoil you tend to stay firm. For this relationship to survive, you need to have self-awareness, you need to check yourself before blaming the other. If you stay put, then over a period of time, you can learn to take control of your emotions and blossom as a couple.

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Cancer man in love with Virgo (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Now this can be a couple that can stand the test of time. As Virgo sign is known to be of helping kind and Cancer flourishes is a helpful environment. This type of couple feels an instant connection and they feel like they have met their soul mate. Both being die-hard romantics, this relationship will see a lot of cuddling moments, exchange of emotional cards and celebrate frequent anniversary etc. Both of you are pretty practical so you will also engage in planning the future, saving for occasions and stuff like that. Since you both are caring and high on security, you both will fully take care of each other. Being expressive to the loved ones is your trait and you will express your love to each other very frequently. As you both are good homemakers, you will often cook, read and design your environment together. Since both Cancer and Virgo are very family oriented, you will become great parents. Strict when needed but generous and sweet too. To spice up the average life you should go out more and explore the city. Get social with other couples to get a positive energy.

Cancer man in love with Libra (Cancer Love Compatibility)
This is a cute and romantic connection, but may not always be the best one. On the bright side, Moon driven Cancer and Venus driven Libra can really make this a very romantic couple. With both of you lenient towards art and designing, your interest will be same and no arguments about the interior of the house then. Cancer is known to be moody with a great amount of fluctuations, and Libra are settled who like a happy environment. You both are highly imaginative and you may lose track of reality, so it is good to keep some friends with Earth sign to keep you in check. Since you both are good hosts, so arrange gatherings often and enjoy being social.

Cancer man in love with Scorpio (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Now this is what we call a match. Two water signs with traits which perfectly complement each other. It is a slow start relationship as both of you are very protective and don’t trust anyone easily. But eventually, you will start trusting each other. This relationship can easily be for life. The balance of your native qualities will give you great balance and understanding which is not easy to attain. You both like to celebrate occasions so those anniversaries will make amazing memories. The romance will be delicate and subtle, the way you both like it. You both feel great comfort with each other so nothing is too extreme. As with all the other similar zodiac, the major problem is you both are afraid to propose. You should work around it and talk about other things which will eventually lead to expressing your feelings. Once that is done, it’s a joy ride. Your comfort level will make you spend a lot of time together. You are very good parents a little too caring at times, though. The biggest hurdle for you both is to control your emotions, you both can get a little extra possessive at times. But since you both know each other so well you will get around it.

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Cancer man in love with Sagittarius (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Now this is a match which is as opposite as it can get. One is left the other is right. People don’t ever understand how you two got together. Well, maybe it is true love I guess. Cancer is the homemaker, completely family oriented who like to be with his loved ones. While Sagittarius is the free bird who like to travel and is very adventurous. Now Sagittarius can get what they are missing, love and care. Cancer can provide all the care and security to their partner. It is like coming home from a race to a settled down life with a partner who loves you with all the heart. The problem arrives when Sagittarius’s need for space becomes a void between the two. The neglecting nature gets to Cancer and things start breaking down. A little understanding of the other can solve your problem and you will blossom as a couple.

Cancer man in love with Capricorn (Cancer Love Compatibility)
With their different traits, Cancer and Capricorn are quite opposite. Cancer compatibility is the caring mother and Capricorn is the authoritative father. This can be a great match if you start complementing each other and complete the other’s shortcomings. It can also be a disaster as the stiff nature of Capricorn can make Cancer’s love and affection fade. In order to work this one out, you both need to learn to read each other’s heart and mind. Since you both are very loyal and family oriented, you can accept each other and compliment the limitations to make this a strong relationship.

Cancer man in love with Aquarius (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Now this is a great mismatch. The qualities of Cancer are affectionate, loving, caring, possessive, family oriented. While Aquarius is a dreamer, an out of the box thinker, fun loving kind. Now how can this work out then? Well, to be honest, most of the time it doesn’t. This is a connection which is rare. As Aquarius don’t like a lot of affection, and Cancer cannot survive without it. Being of protective and possessive nature, Cancer often cages the free Aquarius and this destroys this relationship. The only way to work this one out is with patience and understanding. You need to give this relationship a lot of time to work.

Cancer man in love with Pisces (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Now we can safely say that these two water signs are great together. Once through your hard outer shell, you both are very affectionate and loving creatures. Being tender is your major trait. You both share kindness, caring and emotional as dominant qualities. You both know how to resolve a problem with a nice family dinner and some quality time together. While this is an ideal relationship, this can become a little dull and confined at times. Being over sensitive and moody you can get into a lot of heated arguments. The “I am not talking to you” is not going to work. You should communicate more in place of sulking alone. Since you two complements each other so well, you should go out and explore this beautiful world together. This will not only rejuvenate your love but also will make you both grow as individuals.

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Cancer man in love with Aries (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Aries are known to be a little childish at times and Cancer compatibility are the perfect nurtures and know how to pamper, so this can get really good right. Well, it can also get a little frustrating. But with a little self-observation and constant growth of once traits, you can really make it smooth. Aries tend to get a little selfish time, although unknowingly but can hurt people. This can disrupt the over sensitive Cancer. They may feel vulnerable. With Cancer continuous pamper, they can spoil the hard nature Aries who are ruled by Mars. The free bird nature of Aries may clash with homemaker mentality of Cancer. A little compromise from both sides can help this relationship flourish, or else it will fall into pieces.

Cancer man in love with Taurus (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Here is a connection which can become a love story for the romantic novels. Cancer and Taurus are two of the most family oriented, sensitive and loyal signs of all the zodiac. Both of you share the same morals and beliefs and are of the same home making nature. Both of you are very affectionate and loving. You want security and a good family life. You both like art and literature so designing the home is going to be a lot of fun. You will often spend time cooking, watching movies and listening music together. You make very protective parents as each of you play your role with responsibility. You cherish your memories very much so a lot of family pictures on the wall then. As Taurus are very direct and harsh at times, it may hurt the sensitive Cancer. With self-awareness, Taurus needs to adjust his behavior a little. There will be fights and turmoil but with your loving nature and “family first” mentality, you will get around it.

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Cancer with Gemini (Cancer Love Compatibility)
Cancer compatibility is the family oriented, loving Water sign and Gemini is impatient, mind over matter Air sign. There are some common traits between you two, but with a different perspective. The love for literature is common between you two. Both of you like to save money and can easily bond over store sale and cheap deals. The pampering and nurturing nature of Cancer can often rattle the free bird mentality of Gemini. They can also misinterpret Cancer’s caring for insecurity. The affection of Cancer can make Gemini feel like being parented. While on the other hand, the restless nature of Gemini can make Cancer feel neglected and cornered. The straightforward nature of Gemini can often make Cancel feel insulted. With their native trait, Cancer will then move into a shell and the problems will start. To solve these problems Cancer must learn to stop taking things personally because then the fights will get uglier. Cancer needs to learn that Gemini is not neglecting you, it is your overprotective nature that is driving him crazy. Gemini needs their space, so let them free for a while and you will see that there is nothing to feel insecure about. Gemini needs to learn that Cancer is of loving and pampering nature, they are not confining you in a place, they just enjoy your company a lot. Gemini needs to take Cancer out with them and show them things with their perspective. Since both of you are very loyal by nature, this will easily work out with a little care and adjustments.

Cancer man in love with horoscope
Cancer man with cancer woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
Since these are two similar signs, it doesn’t make a difference for man and woman. Cancer Compatibility will be the same. Both are sensitive and family oriented so thigs will go well.
Cancer man with Leo woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
This can work out better, as man will be more sensitive and let the Leo woman take charge. The Leo woman needs to keep check on her dominant nature, so as not hurt the sensitive man. This can ultimately boil the Cancer man’s frustration and the relationship will suffer. So be considerate and be together.
Cancer woman with Leo man (Cancer Love horoscope)
This is the normal situation where Leo man is dominating and Cancer woman is sensitive and emotional. With the Cancer woman is being a great homemaker, this can be an ideal situation. The Leo man need to start being more sensitive and help to make the woman more confident and independent.
Cancer man with Virgo woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
This is always great to get a compassionate and family oriented Cancer man. With Virgo woman’s helping nature. This can work really well.
Cancer woman with Virgo man (Cancer Love horoscope)
This is not much difference here as both are very similar in traits. The romantic nature of Virgo man here will make this relationship very lovely. Things can get a little one dimensional so keep socializing.
Cancer man with Libra woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
This can be a little tricky as the moody nature of Cancer man here can make things problematic. With a little understanding things can run smoothly.
Cancer woman with Libra man (Cancer Love horoscope)
This is more ideal situation, with a sensitive, and home making Cancer woman, with compassionate and open minded Libra man. Things will run more smoothly if you both understand each other’s limitations.
Cancer man with Scorpio woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
Scorpio are known to be very self-centered and can be a bit harsh at times. To overcome this the native sensitivity and care of cancer man will play a major role. Scorpio woman also need to understand the mood swings of Cancer man here.
Cancer woman with Scorpio man (Cancer Love horoscope)
The pamper of Cancer woman will make even the hard shelled Scorpio man melt like ice. As long as the Scorpio man can outlast the frequent mood swings of the Cancer woman, things are looking good.
Cancer man with Sagittarius woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
Things are meant to be bumpy in this relationship. The open-minded Sagittarius woman will have troubles with a more traditional Cancer man. A lot of adjustments have to made and a lot of sacrifices.
Cancer woman with Sagittarius man (Cancer Love horoscope)
The free bird mentality of Sagittarius man will cause suspicions in the mind of Cancer woman. A lot of care and transparent communication is required.
Cancer man with Capricorn woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
The Cancer man needs to try a lot to get through the stiff woman here. The native Capricorn woman is not so expressive as well, which will make things more difficult for the sensitive Cancer man.
Cancer woman with Capricorn man (Cancer Love horoscope)
With the pamper and affection of Cancer woman, the Capricorn man here will become less stiff, though it will take a lot of time.
Cancer man with Aquarius woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
This will be a bumpy ride as the public display of affection will irritate the Aquairius woman and the sensitive Cancer man here will feel hurt.
Cancer woman with Aquarius man (Cancer Love horoscope)
The caring woman here needs a lot of love in return to feel equally desired. But the more unromantic man here will make the woman more insecure.
Cancer man with Pisces woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
With native quality to pamper of Cancer man here, things will stay romantic. Pisces woman should keep her behavior in check and stay together.
Cancer woman with Pisces man (Cancer Love horoscope)
The childish nature of Pisces man will rattle the composed Cancer woman here. Things can get more turbulent if the issue is ignored.

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Cancer man in love with Taurus woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
The harsh and aggressive nature of Taurus woman will hurt the sensitive Cancer man a lot. This should be addressed and rectified.
Cancer woman with Taurus man (Cancer Love horoscope)
The Cancer compatibility woman here is very sensitive and needs frequent care. The ignorant nature of Taurus man will cause a lot of problems. The common love will help and guide you.
Cancer man in love with Gemini woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
The love and respect between you will help you overcome the issues that will pop up. Keep faith in your inner strengths and give strength to the other.
Cancer compatibility woman with Gemini man (Cancer Love horoscope)
The change in point of view between you will surely stir up a lot of issues. With constant communication and consideration, you can overcome it.