Cancer man Capricorn compatibility in love with Capricorn

With their different traits, Cancer and Capricorn are quite opposite. Cancer compatibility is the caring mother and Capricorn is the authoritative father. This can be a great match if you start complementing each other and complete the other’s shortcomings. It can also be a disaster as the stiff nature of Capricorn can make Cancer’s love and affection fade. In order to work this one out, you both need to learn to read each other’s heart and mind. Since you both are very loyal and family oriented, you can accept each other and compliment the limitations to make this a strong relationship.cancer man capricorn woman compatibility


Cancer man with Capricorn woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
The Cancer man needs to try a lot to get through the stiff woman here. The native Capricorn woman is not so expressive as well, which will make things more difficult for the sensitive Cancer man.
Cancer woman with Capricorn man (Cancer Love horoscope)
With the pamper and affection of Cancer woman, the Capricorn man here will become less stiff, though it will take a lot of time.