cancer man cancer woman compatibility in love Cancer Love Compatibility

As it is often said that opposites attract, but in this case, similar attract as well. People with cancer signs are great homemakers. Both of you will have the same thinking about getting together and setting up a family. As both are of water sign so you can really blend in so to speak. As you both are very sensitive and caring, the feeling of safety and security will be mutual. With a common love for art and literature, you are sure to spend hours in libraries and watching movies. With both being romantic of nature, you will surely stack up a lot of fond memories to cherish. You both will have the same idea of starting a family or getting married.

cancer man cancer woman compatibility in love Cancer Love Compatibility

cancer man cancer woman compatibility

A problem with Cancer to Cancer couples is they are not good initiators. You can have trouble of who is going to propose first as you both will be scared of rejection. All you have to do is follow your heart and express your feelings. With all the same traits your relationship may get a little one dimensional. For that, you need to push out a little and get a little adventurous. As you both will make great travel mates,

so plan some trips and explore the world and your relationship too. Moon changes have a strong impact on cancer, so there will be times when your mood swings get the best of you. This fluctuation of mood will clash and will give you some tough time. It means quarrels, screaming to each other a lot of sulking. Don’t start taking all the things personally or the problems and insecurities will rise.

Cancer man in love with horoscope
Cancer man with cancer woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
Since these are two similar signs, it doesn’t make a difference for man and woman. Cancer Compatibility will be the same. Both are sensitive and family oriented so thigs will go well.