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Now, this is a great mismatch. The qualities of Cancer are affectionate, loving, caring, possessive, family-oriented. While Aquarius is a dreamer, and out of the box thinker, fun-loving kind. Now how can this work out then? Well, to be honest, most of the time it doesn’t. This is a connection that is rare. Aquarius don’t like a lot of affection, and Cancer cannot survive without it. Being of protective and possessive nature, Cancer often cages the free Aquarius and this destroys this relationship. The only way to work this one out is with patience and understanding. You need to give this relationship a lot of time to work.

cancer man aquaries woman compatibilityCancer man with Aquarius woman (Cancer Love horoscope)
This will be a bumpy ride as the public display of affection will irritate the Aquairius woman and the sensitive Cancer man here will feel hurt.
Cancer woman with Aquarius man (Cancer Love horoscope)
The caring woman here needs a lot of love in return to feel equally desired. But the more unromantic man here will make the woman more insecure.