broken arrow spell get a psychic help you in broken arrow spell

Broken Arrow Spell

In the world of fight, stress and many other mental problems, people wants peace in their life. In every person life there is a lot of  mental stress.

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They have a tension of money , office , family, love life and many other problem. A person in the last need calmness. Because he is frustrated by the problems and want to come out of stress. And today there is a lot of fight between countries, people , there  is no specific reason for fight that create tensions for them and for others also. So peace spells are used to create peace . Broken  Arrow spell is used to create peace around you. The spirits are moving through will bring peace with others around them. With the time peace is getting spread.our psychic readers provide best psychic reading services for all overt the world.

There are many peace spells which bring peace around atmosphere. First start with this Morning prayer . In the morning when you wake up, say prayer : “Dear God, enlighten with truth, Inflame heart with love, Inspire with courage , Enrich my life, Sanctify I am what order what I will be AMEN.”

This spell is a peace spell which help bring peace around . For this spell, put candles around a circle . Write a word peace on a peace of paper with blue ink. Now get sit in middle of the circle and put paper in front of you have in your mind. , once close  your eyes . Now focus on letters which is flowing off the paper and is surround you. You can see that word is becoming air around you and ground water. Get focus on the word , it should be on your tongue. Now imagine one of the pictures of beautiful and peaceful place , give you a feeling of peace. Now sit with peace . After peace will guide you to the stone paths. As peace to be with you, to give a guidance to you. When you awake and when you sleep. Now you can take peace on hand and get open your eyes.


This is a full moon peace spells. For this spell you need a place that is special for you. And moon should be full and shining on you and there should be anything that may block its light. At 12.00 midnight, put the watch and look at the moon and close eyes for 5 min. and then mediate and feel that moon energy, feel the earth and wind layer you during this time. , then after 5 min, open your eyes and keep look at the moon and say this calmly:

broken arrow spell

“ Beautiful moon in the sky, thank you so much for your valuable light. I can feel the wind on my face and I can feel the earth in magical space, you give the energy to me to feel how to live , as your light will shine bright, after chanting words, close your eye and look down the moon when eyes are closed and put your hand in front of you on ground jus apart from each other. Simply take moment to feel and hold the area of earth which you love . Now imagine positive energy you gain from moon light, keep your hands until you feel all positive energy has directed into earth.

This is the  another spell to create calmness . For this spell you need a white candle jasmine or you can take pine incense of sage. This spell should be performed at night, but you can do it on day also. Now light the white candle and incense stick. After that close your eyes and hold sage close to the nose and breath in calming scent ,then say :

“Calming power of sage and pine , add to this to life of mine . By all the four corners,      elements of God and GODDESS, if gift seems fit to you, please grant me  calmness into me .”

Repeat this for three times.

This is a Holy Peace Spell. For this spell you need a clear mind. Then light the candle and put white peddles in fire. After that you need to sit with and close your mind and rest. DFo until you feel peace inside you.

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