Boyfriend taking me for granted what to do




boyfriend taking me for granted infographic

When I love my boyfriend like a hell, but my boyfriend taking me for granted. This feeling is one of the worst feelings for me to handle. I love him more than everything, in return, I supposed to offer the same love from him. But I always feel like my relationship is drifting.


So, it now very important for me to overcome the situation. It sucks me when my Boyfriend taking me for granted. It feels awful when I feel unloved. I used to give him beautiful surprise what he likes the most, but in response, he did not even give me a simple response of thanks, for what I have done for him.

In these circumstances, I will share my views about how I deal with the situation. As I know like me 80% of other girls around the universe facing the same issues.




Importantly I feel like I should re-evaluate my relationship when my boyfriend taking me for granted. Mostly when he is treating me with no love, respect, care and consideration which I deserve.

Firstly, when my boyfriend taking me for granted. I analyzed his behaviour before the start-up of the relationship and the recent behaviour of his. There were a lot of differences. After that, I analyzed my behavior for him. See what I analysis is that I was totally indulged with him. I put my whole time period for him. And for myself, I took time only 1%. Gosh, this is the worst thing I did for myself.

Man is like self-indulgent and always will do what they feel right to them.

What I see that I used to value his needs and never put any boundaries. All the time, I was always openly available for him that’s why my boyfriend taking me for granted.

Girls, no one is perfect, not I, not you and not him…

After analyzing all things, why my boyfriend taking me for granted. I stop focusing on him, at the same time I start focusing on myself. I do nothing for him, I always try to less available for him. While focusing on myself, I start feeling happy and free. I stop thinking much about him. That’s was the first step for me to come back to this relationship.

One thing the most important thing about a man is that, if he loves you, no matter what happened in between both of you, he will come to you with lots of love and sorry.

While my boyfriend taking me for granted, I stop focusing on him, this reaction of mine irritates him a lot. After that he tries to speak with me, I speak my feelings about how I feel when he was neglecting me. After that he understands things, feels sorry and we get together forever.

But lastly, if your partner is taking you for granted, give him one chance, if he really loves you, he will come back to you but if he did not come back, then that man is not the right partner for you.

Good Luck …!!