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The one of the best thing, a human being is gifted by GOD is a friend. Friend is some one with whom we can share our feelings ,emotions ,sorrows , happiness and joy.

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Best Friend is the person who is close to us in the world, we spent a lot of time with him/her. Best friend is the person who is with us in our difficult time and help to overcome from that problem. There are many people there with us when we have good time but less people are there when we have quagmire time , so a best friend is always there at that time less our pain. Without them our life will be very sad, there is no better feeling in the world when you are with your best friend. A best friend is like a soul which we don’t want to go away from us.Our psychic readers can help you with psychic reading with best friends spell.

best friends spell

It is said that every person have different spirit around them , some are bad but some of them are good they are act as a guard for entire life. When two people share a strong and similar spirit, then people become friends. The friendship spell work in the same way like love spell. Friendship spell can make on any relationship between two people so that friendship develops. There are many different friendship spells, this is one of the spell for friendship with someone. Now for this spell light a candle in a room and then focus on the flame, wait for the flame to go straight and high. Then say this spell of friendship:

           “ By the power of three times three,

              I invoke you! I invoke you!,

              Make your friend name my good friend,

              With this candle burning now,

               I adjure this spell”.

Then blow the candle out when smoke goes to the sky , it means the spell has begun.

This is also the most important spell of friendship. Some time there are problems created between you and your friend and both of you are not in touch with each other. The most important part of your life is gone away from you. This is the effective ritual to recoup a friendship . This is a powerful love sweetening spell. Now write your friend name who is angry with you on one side of the paddle stick and write your name on the other side. After that , place the stick into a bottle , fill the jar half with sugar  and then say:

 “ This sugar we are back to back , but hand in hand ,forget your bitter thoughts to me. And forgive me and I forgive you”.

Add 3 quarter of water in  jar and then say:

“I wash  everything that keeps us new in water with sugar Bay.

I now ask for forgiveness left to come my way wash everything that separated I give you my love and my blessing”.

Now close the jar tight and shake it 9 times , when you repeat this prayer.

“  Sweet sugar do your work and forgiveness person name”.

This is also a very powerful spell to make a strong friendship. This  spell is used to get your friendship for the entire life. Now start to fill the dish with sand and write it with the starting name of your friend . Then get coral and leave it on the top of dish with sand , for 3 nights and 3 days. After these 3 days , focus on the coral for 5 min and say that:

“ For this  friendship , I consecrate this as purely  coral, so that there is never anger or treason”.

Now wash coral with cold water and let it dry in the Sun. Then the coral is ready as gift to your friend. Try to make gift on Wednesday to achieve more effectiveness.

This is also another friendship spell to protect your best friend  from all the difficulties. For this spell you need a white candle , a role , a black pencil or pen , one hair of your friend , an object of your friend. This spell should be done on full moon. Now draw a circle on the paper and in the centre of the circle, put hair of your friend and say this:

“Nothing wrong can happen no more bad will approach you may this.

Then fold the paper in the half leaving the hair inside and write name of your friend on both sides of the paper. When you finish say this words:

“ By the custodians of all good angels. I protect my friend from harm, no one can do you harm , so my friend is protected from today”.

Wait for 4 weeks to tell your friend about the rituals, because if you do this before,  spell will not work.