Best friend forever spell:spells service for best friends


A friend is said to be the person with whom we share all of the things which we do in our life, we share our emotions, thoughts desires , happiness, sorrows and joy.  A true friend is the most important part of our life, he is there for us in every difficult situations. When we are feeling low he is always there to pamper us.

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The best friend is said to be soul of our body. He is the most precious gift given by GOD to us. A best the one with whom we share quality time and it is the most beautiful time of our life, how much busy we are in a day, but a day is not completed without meeting a true friend. A friend is like a family and we can tell him the things which we cannot tell to parents also he understand all our feelings and our emotions.Our psychic readers can help you with psychic reading with best friend forever spell.

But sometimes it is difficult to maintain friendship forever. Some people are lucky that they have maintain their friendship for long time but some people are not lucky enough to get a true friend . There are sometimes many problems created between close friends and both are separated due to some misunderstandings. You have now lost the most important thing from your life, your life is now getting worse and you don’t have much joy and happiness in your life. You will do all the things to get that friend in your life. There are many friendship spell which will help to get your best friend forever. This spell help you to be with your lovable friend for entire life.

best friend forever spell

There are many spells which are used to get best friend forever. This is one of the spell which is used to get a desire friend , what you want in a true friend. Pray and wish to the wish to the Goddess by saying this:

“ A friend what I desire , a friend is what I desire , Goddess of fate , give me a friend , bring some good friend with whom I can have share my all the feelings, a friend all I want. I am begging , please just give me that friend. This is the only wish of me.

This is also the best friend spell . For this spell you need a lot of concentration. This spell is best at noon. Now do meditation for 2 min. and then say this:

“ I want always to my best friend but I don’t get a chance to do that and I liked to do. So here my pray. I always wanted him/her as friend “. Then you realize that he is slowly coming in your life.

This is a very helpful spell you want that your best friend should make a important decision in his/her life. When your friend has to do some work and he is asking you to make that decision, you can help him and give the best advice you can give to them. It can be any be decision of career, love or any other thing, you can help him with this spell. For this spell you need a white or pink candle , you also need 1 rose quartz. Now light the candle and hold the rose quartz and say this:


“Oh Goddess   ,please  help me,

  Light this room ,

 And for my friend and me,

To  get our friendship blessed”.

Now grip the rose quartz think that you and your friend become best friend forever.

For this spell it should be waxing moon and it should be done on Wednesday, you also need a orange candle , a white candle, a Church candle with ribbon of green colour around it, piece of opal, citrine ,hermes. Now put the candle beside church candle . Draw a circle , hold gemstone in your left hand and symbol in your right hand.

“Hermes please give my friend answers in sleep , and make them to keep. Give them advice, true . So help him and no one should harm “

Now concentrate about your friend that he/her make a right decision.

This are some Best Friend Forever Spell which will help you to get with you friend forever.