Aura Reading Los Angeles

Aura reading is a category of psychic readings. As with the case of other psychic readings, aura readings are also believed to be paranormal yet these colorful readings can speak out about your personality. Aura Psychics believe that every human being, animal, and object is surrounded by an energy field. This is the reason why aura is also called the energy field. Psychics believe that they can see the size, colors, and type of the aura and therefore they can infer information from this aura about the person or object concerned.

aura reading los angles infographicsAura Reading Los Angeles


There are very famous aura photo booths in Los Angeles. Information about feelings, thoughts, and dreams can be inferred from this aura that encapsulates a person. Aura of person to person may differ in coloration and therefore a specific aura can give only specific information. There are many colors in the aura and each color has a specific meaning. Colors of aura and their specific meaning are following.

Rainbow Auras: High energy is required to generate rainbow auras. Rainbow auras are characterized by bright and shiny colors. Persons with rainbow auras are considered to be high spiritual that is they have evolved spiritually. Individuals with rainbow auras are healers, calm, and creative people. Rainbow aura is present all around the body but it is very concentrated around hands, and head regions.

Yellow Auras: There are various shades of yellow auras. If the aura is pale yellow then it means that the person has recently embarked on a spiritual journey. If it is bright yellow, then it means that a spiritual awakening is in the making. If the aura is dark yellow then it means that the person is a student who has lost his interest in studies. And finally, if the aura is lemon yellow then it means that the person is preoccupied with a fear of losing something/someone valuable.

Orange Auras:  Orange auras emanates from the reproductive region of the body. Bright orange aura is an indication of good health. Red-orange aura means that the person is very strong while orange-yellow aura means that the person is having a scientific mind.

Red Auras: Red is the sign of life force. If you are having a red aura then it means you are a very passionate individual. The red aura may contain a positive or negative element.

Blue Auras: If the color of the aura is blue then the person is of helping nature. He remains calm in crises and others depend on him in tough circumstances.

Green Auras: Green is the color of nature. If the aura of a person is green then it means that the person is intimately connected to nature and the person is having a caring and loving heart.

Aura Reading Los Angeles

Purple Auras: Purple aura mainly originates at the head region and this aura may be violet aura or indigo aura. Violet aura means that the person is visionary while the indigo aura is the sign of wisdom.

Gold and silver auras are considered positive while the black aura is the sign of blocked energy and is negative in its nature. Anyone who has a black aura then the person may be a reserved person and he will have difficulty in trusting others.