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Aries love to be at top, there is no doubt why it is the first zodiac sign in the list. They are very much uncomplicated and direct in their approach and mostly hate too much details of things. They follow the blind optimism with no wisdom initially and learn through their experiences. 

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aries tarot card reading

Positive traits

They are usually passionate about their goals and determined enough to achieve it. Aries is ruled by the red planet, Mars. They are very vibrant and aggressive. They tend to burst out very easily and even calm down very quickly. They are very courageous and always ready to take part in competitions and battles. They fear nothing and always go through difficulties with their strong leadership qualities and dedication. They excel in sports generally and are very good in organizing things. Due to their bold nature, they don’t fear to try new things and adventures. Aries fire element makes them energetic, passionate and creative.

They act as self inspiration and do not need external motivation always to work harder. They love to be independent and work hard to get what they want. 

aries tarot card reading


Negative Traits

They are quite impulsive occasionally and might be rude sometimes but they love dearly and care too much for their loved ones. Their anger is usually due to the disappointments they feel after expecting too much from everyone. Their own expectations sometimes make it harder for them to move on. Sometimes they are not able to judge the storm coming and their courage fools them to just fall in the trap as they are overly competitive but they make excellent partners as they want to make their partner happy all the time and do anything to bring a smile on their face.


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Love life

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aries tarot card reading