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Their elemental sign is water that makes them independent, progressive, intelligent and unique in their way of doing work and their lifestyle. They don’t have a single clear shape like water and occupy different traits. Know how will your relationship be this year.


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Positive traits

Aquarius are original and tend to make their own way in all situations. They get easily attracted towards the interesting facts and new ideas. They have ambitious vision and can see through things and scenarios that normal people can not see through. They are extremely progressive and try to bring positive changes in society and the world. They try to take out the positive aspects from all persons and help them to make a better version of themselves. Their strong sense of compassion and justice guides their actions and words so that everyone is at peace and fair treatment is given to all. Due to their extraordinary vision, they see solutions from different problems as they can see possibilities everywhere. They are the best problem solvers due to their intelligence. They always have out of the box ideas and do not hesitate to share it with others. They are very much confident in showing their creativity through different forms of art. For them, ordinary is boring and finding new ways out is what they like doing the most.

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Negative traits

Due to their rigid thought process and eccentric nature, they come out to be very insensitive and emotionless which makes them antisocial sometimes. They like to spend time alone to explore their ideas and might have fewer friends who would truly understand their thought process. Their practical approach, broad vision and intelligence blocks their sense to feel others’ emotions and feelings. Their over analyzing nature might make them think that they are always right and others’ opinion is not true which frustrates the other persona and leads to conflict. They start considering others inferior and themselves feel the superiority complex. They mark extremely high standards for themselves and others too which causes depression, frustration and dissatisfaction. They tend to release their emotions with a burst suddenly that comes out of nowhere. People are generally confused with this sudden emotion feeling that they express as they pretend to be insensible mostly. Unpredictability is their unique trait which leaves others shocked. They do not forgive easily, so if you cheat on them or leave them, they will never come back to you on their own. Their new ideas sometimes distract them from their actual goal which they need to complete and might not finish things they started earlier.


Tarot card reading

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