cute nicknames for girls

200 best cute nicknames for girls

Find out 200 cute nicknames for girls below

A Special name for a special someone? Well let’s see, back in the day when we were kids we all had nicknames. Some of us are still called by those nicknames by our close ones. Nicknames are mostly derived from the real name, usually short version on the real names. But when it comes to girlfriends, then you would want the nickname to be cute and very romantic. There are a lot of cute nicknames for girls.

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This will not only add a spark to your relationship, but it will also make her feel special and make her realise that she is very close to your heart. have you ever wondered is your relationship healthy ? you make it healthy by such cute nicknames for girls

cute nicknames for girls

What do you have to keep in mind before picking a nickname?

For starters, nicknames should be meaningful for both of you. For example, you can give your girlfriend the nickname- sweetie, like she brings sweetness to your world. Be careful, as the wrong selection of nickname can also backfire and spoil your relation. It’s very important to keep good nicknames for girls. Here are some things to keep in mind before you choose a cute nickname for your girlfriend:

  1. make sure that your girlfriend approves of the nickname that you just have chosen for her
  2. you’ll be able to take inspiration from her real name, as an example, you’ll be able to derive Sandy from Sandra.
  3. make certain that the nickname is in accordance of your relationship. as an example, you ought to not decision her wifey if you have got spent solely 2 months along.
  4. Avoid nicknames with a sexual insinuation publicly like hot stuff
  5. Avoid choosing names from TV shows and books as a result of this can be bound to build her feel not special as cute nickname for your girlfriend.

Here are a 200 best cute nicknames for girls

  1. Adorable – If you feel that you love her endlessly.

2. Allie-bear – If she is very cute just like a teddy bear.

  1. Angel – If she has a pure and good heart.
  1. Angel eyes – If her eyes are beautiful and pure.
  1. Angel face – If she has an angelic face with honesty.
  1. Angel Heart – If she has a clean and pure heart, full of honesty.
  1. Apple of my eye – If she is the reason of your joy and happiness
  1. Babe – If she is seriously hot and beautiful

9.Baboo – This is Indian cute nickname for a girls meaning baby and indicates cuteness.

10.Babushka –Russian word for baby.

cute nicknames for girls


  1. Baby – This is the most common cute nickname for a girl
  1. Baby Angel – If she is very childlike and has a great soul
  1. Baby boo – it indicates cuteness like a baby
  1. Baby Buggy Boo – same as baby boo but put a little extra on it
  1. Baby cakes – This is really a best cute nickname to call your girlfriend, this means she has both sweetness and is also gorgeous.
  1. Baby doll – If she is as cute as a little doll
  1. Baby kins – If she is very cute and adorable.
  1. Bambi – It is a fairytale cute nickname for a girl and is very romantic.
  1. Beautiful – If you think she is the most beautiful person.
  1. Bee’s Knees – It does not have a specific meaning but is very good nickname for your girlfriend.

cute nicknames for girls


  1. Bitsy – If she is short and cute.
  1. Blossom – If you think of her as charming as a flower
  1. Bon-Bon – If she is as cute as them, then why not. This is a great choice for a cute nickname for a girl.
  1. Boo – If she is cute and funny
  1. Boo-boo – if she is a lot more funny
  1. Bubbies – if she reminds you of small kids.
  1. Bumpkin – this is also a name of a country so should be used carefully
  1. Bunny – If she is as cute and delicate as a bunny or rabbit

29. Bunbun – This is another good nickname for girls that resembles cuteness and affection

  1. Butter Babe – this is a cute name for your girlfriend if you think she is soft and delightful as butter.

cute nicknames for girls

  1. Buttercup – This is one of the cute names for your girlfriend as this is a name of a flower.
  1. Butterfly – If she is very cheerful and pretty.
  1. Candy – If she is very sweet and lively
  1. Cheese ball – this resembles cuteness and softness
  1. Cherry – if she is very fair with pink cheeks.
  1. Cherub – this is a name of an angel, so if she is like an angel
  1. Chick – This is a common name for girls but can also be used for hotness.
  1. Chicken – If you think she is cute and small.
  1. Cinnamon – This is a name of a spice and is great if she is spicy.
  1. Cookie – if she is sweet and tender.



41. Cuddlebug – If you think she is cuddly and adorable

  1. Cuddle Bunny – if she is like a cute rabbit
  1. Cuddle Cakes – If she is sweet and cuddly.
  1. Cuddle Muffin – If she is very sweet and cuddly.
  1. Cuddly – If she cuddly
  1. Cuddly –Cuddly – If she is a lot cuddly
  1. Cupcake – if you have a very sweet girlfriend
  1. Cutesy-pie – If she is as cute and sweet as a pie.
  1. Cutie – If she is very cute.
  1. Cutie Patootie – The rhyming cute nicknames for girls.

cute nicknames for girls

  1. Cutie Pie – The most common nickname for cute girls.
  1. Daisy – If she is as gentle and lovely as a daisy
  1. Dashing – If she is a strong and attractive person
  1. Dearie – if she is very dear to you
  1. Dewdrop – If she is very honest and clear as a dewdrop.
  1. Doll – If she is very cute.
  1. Doobie – If she is cute and chubby.
  1. Doodle Bug – If she like to scribble a lot.
  1. Dove –If she is delicate and pure
  1. Dream girl – If she is the one you always dreamt of.
  1. Duckling – if you are very protective for her, but can be misread for ugly.


cute nicknames for girls

  1. Ducky – A cute replacement of duckling
  1. Dumpling – If she is sugary and chubby like a dumpling
  1. Flame – If she your source of warmth and enthusiasm.
  1. Flower – If she is as tantalizing and stunning as a flower

66. Fluffer – If she is chubby and very cute.

  1. Fruit cake – If she is very sweet and a mixture of great things.
  1. Fruit loop – If she makes your life sweeter.
  1. Funny Hunny – If she is very funny and sweet.
  1. Gorgeous – If you think she is very beautiful and good looking.
  1. Giggles – If she giggles a lot

cute nicknames for girls


  1. Gigi – No particular meaning but if she is giggly and cute
  1. Golden – If she is very precious to you or she has golden hair
  1. Goldie – The cute version of golden
  1. Goobers – A geeky styled cute nickname for girls
  1. Goofy – If she likes to have fun
  1. Gum Drop – if you like to have her company all the time then this is an ideal cute nicknames for your girlfriend
  1. Heart Throb – If she makes your heartbeat fast
  1. Honey bun – If she is very sweet and enchanting
  1. Honey bunch – If she has lot of sweet qualities

cute nicknames for girls

  1. Honey Bunny – If she is cute like a bunny and sweet too
  1. Honey cakes – If she is sweet and with a soft heart
  1. Honey lips – If her lips feel sweet to you
  1. Hot Lips – If she is a hot kisser
  1. Hot stuff – If she is very sexy

86. Hottie – If she is gorgeous and very sexy

87. Huggy Bear – If she is very soft and you really like hugging her

  1. Honey pot – If she is the sweetest in the world according to you
  1. Jelly bean – If she is soft and jumpy as jelly beans
  1. Joy – If she is the joy and happiness to you


  1. Juliet – If your love for her is eternal like the storycute nicknames for girls 91
  1. Kiddo – If you are protective towards her and she is childlike
  1. Kit Kat – If you think she is tasty like a chocolate and spunky like a wafer at the same time
  1. Kitten – If she is very cute and smart
  1. Kitty – the cute side of the kitten

96. Lala – A musical cute nickname for girls

  1. Lamb – If she is very modest and simple

98. Lambchop – The hotter version of lamb

  1. Lambkin – The cute version of lamb
  1. Love – If you love for her is true, and you think that she is the one

 Funny cute nicknames for girls

  1. Love bug – If she has brought true love in your life
  1. Lovely – If you think she is really good looking
  1. Love muffin – If she is both sweet and is your true love
  1. Lover Pie – If she is loving and very sweet
  1. Lovey dovie – It is the famous rhyming love nickname for your girlfriend

106. Lovie – The short version of lovey dovie

107. Mooky – A funny and cute nickname for a girl, if she is a fun loving girl

108. Mooky poky – A cute and rhyming nickname for your cute girlfriend

  1. Muffin – If she is fun loving, sweet and soft

110. Muffy – A cute and short version of muffin

  1. Muggles – A cute and childlike and cute nickname for a girl
  1. Muncie – A cute girly nickname which is very catchy
  1. Munchkin – If she is very childlike
  1. Muppet – If she is attractive and lovable
  1. My queen – If you think that she is the queen of your life
  1. My world – If she completes your life

117. NumNums – A rhyming and cute nickname for your girlfriend

  1. Pancake – If she is very soft and very sweet

119. Pandabear – If she is very cute and peaceful

120. Papi – A Mexican one of the cute nicknames for a girl

  1. Paradise – If she seems fascinating and amazing to you
  1. Peaches – If she is very sweet like the fruit
  1. Peaches and crème –If she is very sweet and delightful
  1. Peachy Pie – if she is soft and sweet too
  1. Peanut – A common and good nicknames for a girl she is energetic and its one of the funny names to call your girlfriend
  1. Perfect – If you think that she is the perfect one
  1. Pet – If is like a cute pet and its one of funny nicknames for girls
  1. Petal – If she is as gentle and clean as a petal
  1. Pickle head – If she has a strong personality and spicy
  1. Pickle pie – If she is different and has a unique personality
  1. Pineapple – If you think she is sweet on the inside and strong on the out
  1. Pinky – A sweet, girly and best cute nickname for a girl
  1. Pooh – If she is very cute and lovable, and reminds you of Winnie the Pooh
  1. Pooh Bear – If you think of her like a teddy bear

135. Pooka – A unique and cute nickname for girls.

136. Pookie –  A more girly version of pooka

137. Pooky poky – The rhyming version of pookie

  1. Pop Tart – If she islively and lovable
  1. Pork chop – It means cute but be careful with this one, as this can offend her
  1. Precious – If you think of her as the treasure of your lifecute nicknames for girls


  1. Princess – If she is very elegant and you like to treat her like a princess
  1. Pudding – If she is very sweet and soft
  1. Pudding Head – If she has a very soft mind
  1. Pudding Pop – The cute version of pudding
  1. Punk – A tomboyish but cute nickname for girls, but make sure she doesn’t get offended by it
  1. Pussy cat – If she is very cute and mischievous as a cat
  1. Rose – This is the most romantic and lovely nickname for your girlfriend. If you think she is like a flower and aromatic.
  1. Rosie – The peppy version of rose

149. Schmooky – A childish cute nickname for a girl.

150. Schmoopy – A good nickname for a girl with a cuddly feeling

151. Schmoopie – The cute side of Schmoopy

152. ShoogieWoogie – A cartoony and cute nickname for girls which rhymes too.

  1. Short cake – If she is small and very sweet
  1. Shorty – It is a cute nickname for girls but make sure it doesn’t make her feel hurt
  1. Samba – A dance form and can be a musical cute nickname for girls
  1. Smiles – If you think her smile is beautiful

157. Smoochie – It you like kissing her a lot

  1. Snicker doodle – A geeky and cute nickname for girls with no specific meaning
  1. Snuggle Bunny – If she is cute as a rabbit and you like cuddling with her
  1. Snuggles – A cuddly cute nickname for your girlfriend
  1. Snuggle Bear – If she is cuddly like a bear

162. Snuka bear – If she is Asian and cuddly

  1. Soda pop – If she is very lively and sweet
  1. Sparkles – If she brings a sparkle to your life and is very energetic
  1. Sport – If she has a sport personality
  1. Spunky – If she is very spirited
  1. Star – If she is the center of attraction all the time

168. SugahBoogah – A sweet and cute nickname for girls with a rhyme

  1. Sugar – If you think she is the sweetest of all
  1. Sugar Lips – If she is a sweet kisser
  1. Sugar pie – If she is very sweet and very soft
  1. Sugar Plum – one of the cutest nicknames for girls which are a sweet personality
  1. Sugar Puff – If she is lively and very sweet
  1. Sugary puff – the cute version of sugar puff
  1. Sugar smacks – If she is strong and sweet
  1. Sun beam – If she is cheerful and energetic
  1. Sunny – If she is very bright and fun loving
  1. Sunshine – If she is source of joy and shine in your life
  1. Super star – If she is rocking and enrgatic
  1. Sweet Cheeks – If she has pink and cute cheeks

cute nicknmes for girls

  1. Sweetheart – one of most common and romantic cute nicknames for girls meaning love
  1. Sweetie – The short version of sweetheart
  1. Sweetness – If she is loving, caring and sweet

184. Sweetkins – The more musical version of sweetness

  1. Sweet potato – A very sweet and cute nickname for girls but don’t let her confused that she looks like a potato
  1. Sweets – The cute version of sweetie
  1. Sweet stuff – If she has a lot of sweet traits
  1. Teddy bear – if she very cuddly and cute
  1. Tinker Bells – If she is as charming and cute as the fairytale character
  1. Toots – If she is hot and cute
  1. Tootsie – The cute version of toots
  1. Tootsie Wootsy – The rhyming version of toosie
  1. Treasure – If you think she is best thing that you have found in this world
  1. Tum Tums – A rhyming and cute nickname for your girlfriend
  1. Twinkle – If she is the sparkle of your life
  1. Twinkle toes – If she is elegant and sparkly

197. Winky Dink – A fairytale name which is very cute

  1. Wonderful – If she is the most wonderful person you ever met

199. Yummers – one of the cutest nicknames for girls having good taste

  1. Zany – If she is very unconventional and enticing


So that is all, right?

If you decide any of those cute names for your girlfriend, she is going to positively feel the extent of your love and feeling. As mentioned with several of the cute nickname for girls, check that that she approves of them and doesn’t feel pained. These nicknames can build her feel special particularly once you start calling her by her nickname publically. It’ll be like sharing a special bond within the limits of that nobody else is allowed. you’ll consider several cuter names to decision your girlfriend that either depict what you’re thinking that of her or suit her temperament.If you are still not satisfied you can approch a psychic reader for psychic readings .