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Psychic KiKi


My name is psychic kiki and I have been a gifted seer since childhood. My passion is transformation and personal development. Over the years, I have learned many different modalities of healing that I integrate into my own life and offer the tools and skills to my clients which are imperative to an accurate reading. I love working with Awakened and Awakening soul who have an awareness of the Ascension process.
I am an ancient soul and am here as a Way-shower at this time on the planet, Channel Light beings that bring understanding and processes to assist in the process of growth and transformation in the past 30 years working with individuals and groups! I have fine-tuned my work, into a process, where I use my Clairvoyant gifts, to tune into childhood and past life wounds. I then use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Tapping, to let the inner child have a voice, and release the wounds that have been preventing living life at full potential. There are 3 wounds we all carry, to different degrees, that all interplay with each other. They are 1) Rejection/Abandonment 2)The critical voice 3)Not being enough. When the inner child is free from these old beliefs and is empowered with new positive programming, the transformation and change are astounding.
My straightforward readings empower others in ways that better their lives. I invite you to call me and explore your life's possibilities.
If the client is wanting a more general reading, I tune in and work with the Higher Selves or both of us to talk about future probabilities and what potential obstacles maybe directly ahead. If Mediumship is required, it becomes a natural part of the reading. Depending on the client, I see, hear and feel the messages. I love what I do and being able to assist others in finding clarity, direction and sometimes just to know they are on the right track. If Feng Shui is relevant, I will highlight areas of the home that may need to be de-cluttered, again bringing flow back into all areas of life.
Over the years, I have learned Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki, automatic writing and many other modalities, as they have been relevant at the time. What I have found to be the fastest and effective modality is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I discovered that I have a gift for intuitive tapping that I combine with Clairvoyant gifts. I have dedicated much of my life to understanding and refining my role as a conduit between client and Spirit. It can be very profound and once learned, the client is able to incorporate into everyday life to eliminate stress and come back into balance. What I have come to discover is that because the majority of us were suppressed, one way or another when we were growing up, learning to have a voice and know that it is ok to use it. It is a very empowering and life-affirming tool. I owned a healing center and it was ahead of its time then! It offered readings, healing of all sorts; Beauty therapy, Workshops, meditation, belly dancing and a child care facility, as our main focus were Mums.
I love helping people so they can cope with life’s ups and downs. I focus on their key questions and pride myself on my ability to listen. I can be a strong navigational tool for you that make this journey less complicated. I help my callers feel uplifted through our genuine and compassionate conversations. I know that life is not easy, but if I can help my callers make wise decisions, then I’m happy.

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