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Karma Dreamwalker


What is Dreamwork? Dreamwork is the natural process of working with your dreams. The Art of Dreamwalking; Also known as Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel; Dreamwork can help you tremendously to solve your nightmares and move into a happier and more pleasant Dream Space.

Dreamwork is about more than just dream interpretation, but also working with your dreams in a way that encourages more lucid dreams to take place so that you may explore your dreamscape further on a deeper level.

The goal here is to encourage more positive, vivid and in-depth experiences; We should not simply interpret our dreams and put them away in a journal; Dreams are living, breathing, and want to be danced onto this earth to make it a better place.

Through working with our dreams, we act as the bridge between the Spirit World and the Waking World; We dance our dreams onto the earth and pull the wisdom of the stars straight out of the sky. We can begin to see and feel the interconnection and whole of the human experience, so that we can create positive change in this world and heal ourselves and our ancestors.

(Why would we ignore an entire half of the human experience?)

Have you ever experienced an "out-of-body" experience? Lucid dream? Did it frighten you?

Have you ever wanted to have these kinds of experiences, but have trouble remembering your dreams or unsure of where to start?

Do you already have intense dream experiences, but need support and guidance from someone who has been there?

Have you ever had a weird dream you felt you couldn't speak to anyone about because "what would they think of you"?

Do you have Nightmares? Has anyone ever said to you, "Don't worry, its only a dream."?

Nightmares can be terrifying experiences; Even if others tell you to pay no attention, or that they aren't real. They FEEL real and can effect you long after you have woken up. If you do not take the time to address and solve your nightmares, they continue to happen - which can lead to anxiety, depression, and other issues in waking life.

Often times, people who are plagued by nightmares start to subconsciously block them out: Leading to a lack of dream memories and also blocking the pleasant dream experiences that one can have.

People who subconsciously block out their dreams, may still have nightmares, but no memory of it upon waking. They still experience the feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, or fear that was associated with the dream. However, they do not know why they are feeling that way, because they do not recall the nightmare. They hold it inside their energy body and without any outlet to express and solve the nightmare, it begins to drip over into waking life.

This leads to thinking that they "do not dream"; Even though it is scientifically shown that we continue to dream every single night whether or not we remember it.

Your dream self, your mind, your body, is still experiencing the unresolved nightmares; The only way to resolve these nightmares it is to run straight into your own storm; Pry back open the memories of your dreams and run straight back into those dreams to solve them and learn what they are trying to teach you. Nightmares usually have very loud messages, that only become louder if you try to ignore them.

Don't leave yourself in a nightmare! Bring your dream body to a happier dreamscape, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the waking world! Nightmares are the leading cause of insomnia and dream deficiency.

Do not fear your nightmares, they are a natural part of life and serve their own purpose as well. In fact, scientists have theorized that nightmares are part of what helped us survive as we evolved; As a way for us to practice defending ourselves against predators. The only issue is that when we fear them and run away from them, we are not utilizing their potential and learning from them - which inevitably leads to them becoming louder, and spilling over into our waking lives.

I am here to help! Having experienced many strange dream experiences myself, including PTSD related nightmares, spontaneous out of body experiences, sleep paralysis, and the full on collapsing and recreation of dreamscapes, I am here for support for your process as I understand how vivid and real these experiences can be.

I provide a calm, supportive, non judgemental and completely confidential space to express your dreams and identify which actions, if any, they may want you to take, as well as helping you discover the underlying messages.

As you begin to work with your dreams and confront your nightmares, you will be led deeper into your dreamscape to pull up the root of the issues and address them while

still in your dream-space. You will learn to redirect your dreams, achieve your dream goals, and bring yourself into more pleasant and fulfilling dreams.

Remember: Nightmares are natural and a vital part of ourselves. Even after resolving your big nightmares, you may still have a nightmare pop up from time to time, but this time you will have the tools that you need to work through them without fear.

Are you interested in learning the Art of Dreamwalking; Lucid Dreaming and working with your dreams?

My name is Karma Dreamwalker and I am a Professional Dreamworker and Magickal Arts Teacher.

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